What You Can Learn from Vogue Magazine about Content Marketing

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What You Can Learn from Vogue Magazine about Content Marketing

As a marketer, I always want my target audience see my content. However, with the increase of other businesses in the same industry as well as their marketing strategy, even the greatest content marketing strategy can possibly go unnoticed. Even though your content is valuable, there is a chance your target audience is more focused on somewhere else. That being said, the good news is; this is not unfixable. Just like every aspect of life, every problem has the solution too. The problem with content marketing strategy always lies in the impact that the content can bring. While informative content may elevate your brand to the next level, the real challenge is to make your content itself more alive. For the past two years, I have been handling my client’s content marketing strategies while learning more new stuff and coming up with ideas to humanise the content for my clients. In this digital world, it is more about uniqueness and entertainment. This category of content may not be intellectually stimulating, but there’s a reason for its existence: people love being entertained. One of the famous educational YouTube channels The Bright Side may be focused on giving life-changing tips for everyone, but the presentation of their step-to-step tips is very fun and entertaining and this helps people understand the content more effectively without them losing the anticipation for new content.

For months, I have been inspired by Vogue Magazine for the way they represent their content marketing. They do not only do great jobs in their social media marketing, they are also making their content alive and meaningful and we can learn from them! Keep reading to find out what we can learn from Vogue Magazine’s content marketing strategy.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind when learning from Vogue Magazine. It’s that Vogue Magazine measures content quality based on their target audience’s personality. They are very well aware that in order to produce high quality content, they have to acknowledge their target audience’s difference in personality. For example, when they cover a focus on the fashion industry, they will first translate a plan into imagination, something like “How do you get attention in the fashion business? You’ve got to create something consistently new, consistently conversation-worthy, visual, beautiful and daring.”

Also, as the rising of digital world keeps evolving, Vogue stands the test of time by releasing something new. When digital has almost taken over the magazine world, Vogue keeps up to date with the trends and still creates the most modern, digital forms of content. However, despite the fact that they also need to evolve and collaborate with the digital world in order to keep shining in this modern world, they never lose the essence of who they are.

Take example from the way they are still holding the celebrity interviews in their magazine; typically long, detailed pieces. That being said, these pieces are now accompanied by online micro-content, such as shareable Q&A videos, boosting awareness and enticing their audience to buy it. Essentially, their online content is a catalyst for selling magazines. Yes, they stay true to themselves but still willing to adapt to changes in the future. As a business owner or someone who works in the marketing field, this should be your good example to learn from. While content is important and keeping up with the trend is also important, you still have to preserve your own values and make sure you keep shining the way you usually are without having to change the whole parts of your business. If you need more knowledge and insight on content marketing, feel free to contact us and let our team assist you.