About Us


Melbourne SEO Pro is a creative SEO agency based in Melbourne, consisting of SEO professionals specialising in SEO services, SEO analysis, content writing, and other SEO related services.

Just like you, we strive for a roaring success – the success where both our SEO company and clients’ company accomplish the best results together. With years of experience in the digital world, we focus on increasing your website ranking and your business online presence – your success is our success.

We work with great dedication and work ethic, and are strongly against breaking search engines’ rules. Some people think that the faster the result, the better it will be for their company’s website, which leads them to do any SEO techniques they deem necessary without thinking about the consequences. Fast results can be gained through a technique called black-hat SEO, the practices and strategies that are used to get higher search rankings faster through violating the search engines’ rules. While that may be partly true that this kind of technique will get you higher ranking results in a faster way, it is only short-lived, but the consequences you will get are going to last longer than that and it will be fatal for your company. For that reason, we strongly believe in white-hat SEO techniques, the strategies used to improve a website’s ranking in a more natural way.


like fast results or 1st, because white-hat SEO means ranking without breaking the rules, which may take time to get the results you want, but it sure gets you the most satisfying, long lasting results that are worth to wait.


As a professional SEO company in Melbourne, we are always ready to help your professional business achieve your goals and get as many new customers as possible. How do we do it?

We pay close attention to your needs and details so that we know exactly what is best for your company, especially for your company’s website visibility.
The strategy we use is related to white-hat SEO techniques, such as creating high quality content, link building, proficient keyword research, and many more.
There is no need to question our credibility, as we have been trusted by our clients to handle their SEO process for years.


We aim to provide a human face between your business and the world of SEO to make it easier for your business to reach the best potential in the digital world.


We focus on strategic planning and creativity – it doesn’t miraculously give instantaneous results, but we are fully committed to providing the best solutions for our customers.