The Basic Principles of Designing SEO Friendly Website for Business

How to Design A Website that is SEO Friendly
The Basic Principles of Designing SEO Friendly Website for Business

Having a business nowadays is not only about selling, but it is also about finding people who want your products. Many people in the business world agree that having a website is one of the best approaches when it comes to finding and being found by customers. Why? That’s because people look for a business through search engines first before finding a business name. And I’m pretty sure you know what appears on search engines first? Yes, it’s a website. For that reason, many business owners hire professionals to build a website for their business. However, that doesn’t end there. Having a website means having to invest in other aspects that make the website more effective for your business. You have to invest in web design, web development, website security and even when you think you have built your website; it is not done – a website is never done and don’t forget about maintenance too. However, there is one thing you still need to invest if you want your website to not only function well, but also generate leads and traffic to your website; SEO. Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is the method of increasing online visibility done by optimizing a website. As a person who provides Melbourne SEO services, I have always reminded my clients about the importance of using SEO for their business. Why? That’s because clients can sometimes feel like it is too much to invest in SEO that they tend to forget that SEO is actually what makes their target audience find their business. That being said, there are many business owners who understand the meaning of SEO for business so many of them hire SEO services as well. However, even when you hire SEO services, that doesn’t mean you can just leave it to the SEO team completely. You need to understand how it works because there are many factors that can hinder your SEO progress. One of them is the way your web design team designs the website for you. There are basic principles of designing SEO friendly website so that your SEO progress works effectively for your business.

A website needs to be responsive

What does it mean by a website that is responsive? A responsive website is the one that can be adjusted to any device so people can browse your website on any device they have without having problems accessing the pages. Many websites are only accessible if opened via desktop (I am surprised by how people could still do this to their website). Let me tell you this; if your website is adjustable to any device, many people can access your website easily which won’t hinder the process of gaining traffic to your website. When you’ve got significant amount of traffic to your website, that’s when your website has the high chance of being featured on the first page of search results.

The content text should be readable

Imagine visiting a website and can’t even read a single thing on their page, colors overlapping, some text is hidden by non-matching colors and size that hurt the eyes and so leaving the website is the first thing you would do, right? Of course, you don’t want that to happen to your website. A set of colors is made to match the looks not only for the background but also for the text. Choose colors and text carefully because what’s written on your website can determine whether there will be more potential buyers or not. What’s the point if your website visitors can’t even read your content on your website?

Optimize the size of the images or videos featured in your website

You may want to showcase your products or company gallery at the size where everyone can see clearly. I get it. However, size matters and it can either make or break your brand. Large images or videos, if not optimized properly, can result in slow loading pages that make your website not SEO friendly. If your website takes too long to load, your visitors would want to leave immediately, which can make you lose the chance of being featured on first page of search engine results.

A website is a powerful tool for marketing especially in this era where almost everything is digital. However, in order for a website to work and give results for your business, you must invest not only your money in important aspects of a website, but also in your time to be always involved in every process of your website starting from when it is being built, the design process, increasing your knowledge on website and even to the SEO process.