Small Steps, Bigger Plans: How to Create Special Content for Business During the Lockdowns

How to Make Special Content for Business during the Lockdown
Small Steps, Bigger Plans: How to Create Special Content for Business During the Lockdowns

I have always known myself to be an introvert who likes to stay at home and even work from home. I have been working from home even before the coronavirus started spreading in my country. Therefore, it bears no difference for me when people started working from home since like March or something. However, even as introverted as I am, I still need to go out just to buy groceries and have All-You-Can-Eat dinner with my friends sometimes. Now, I can’t and don’t even want to. However, even in my slight boredom, I can find time to entertain myself and surely, I have found things online that are meant to fight boredom during the lockdown that I think as a person who provides content marketing services, are brilliant and so I think about sharing it with you who might need it for your content marketing strategy. So, how do you create special content for business during the lockdown? Keep reading this article to find out!

Create interactive social media content

Recently, I have seen some of my friends who used to be not active on social media suddenly being active again. Not only that, they shared many things that made me interact with their Instagram stories. Yes, nowadays, Instagram templates are the ‘it’ stuff again on social media because literally, everyone almost has nothing to do at home. It used to be somewhat huge 2 years ago but died down slowly. Now, templates are the ‘it’ again. If you are a restaurant business, maybe you can start creating “This or That” content by inserting some menu images divided into two parts. For example, “Salted Egg Chicken Rice Bowl” or “Spicy Kungpao Chicken Rice Bowl” and something like that. This will not only make your followers feel entertained, but it will also make you understand what they like and don’t like about your menu which can be improved later. Here are what you can create for the special content:

  • Instagram templates: This or That, Your Essentials, Which One Are You?
  • IGTV: Come up with unique story that can be seen on IGTV. For example, if you are a restaurant owner, you can start creating a short movie about a couple meeting in your restaurant for the first time and what they order for the first time there. Or, if you own a skincare business, you can start making a quick tutorial on “Skincare Routine during Quarantine”.
  • TikTok videos: Simple How-to(s), Humor (For example, you can make a TikTok video about “What type of Quarantine survivor are you?” you can dress according to the type, such as “The Sleeper” (you are using a pajama with pillows on your shoulders), “The Executive Top, Pajama on the Bottom” (if you are a male, you can wear proper work outfit only on the upper part of your body, but you are wearing boxer or pajama pants on the lower part of your body. Or if you are a female, you can ask one of your male employees to do that part), “The Gamer” (you are wearing gaming outfit while bringing your gaming laptop).
  • Facebook movie-ads: What we like about Facebook the most is that it allows us to post videos for longer duration than Instagram. You can make an ad about your company that has a short movie in it. For example, if your company sells chocolate, you can make an ad about someone who has a crush on a girl but doesn’t find courage to ask her out and when he finds out that the girl loves a certain type of chocolate from your brand, he gets an idea. Yes, something like that can help your followers kill some time.

While many companies offer something that can take advantage of coronavirus situation only to gain profit. While there is nothing wrong with that when it comes to business, as a human, you can make a difference. You don’t take advantage of this situation, but you see this as a way to help people. If you only promote and promote, you will only bore your followers and certainly not helpful at all. Start by sharing and helping and it doesn’t always have to be content. You can help donate for people who need it during this coronavirus outbreak and ask people to join you in helping and donating for those who need it. Use your business to help people and you can never be poor in anything, trust me.