When in Doubt, Be Simple: How to Design Your Own Business Social Media Content

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When in Doubt, Be Simple: How to Design Your Own Business Social Media Content

Back when Instagram just launched one of its features called Instagram stories, people were so excited they’d showcase every single activity in their stories, even some still do until now though and I used to be like that as well. However, as time goes by, I am only eager to post things I am really interested in or if I feel like it. While that kind of behaviour is only natural if you are using personal social media account, it doesn’t work like that if you are using it for business. If you have a business in this day and age, you are considered as lucky because marketing nowadays doesn’t require you to go door-to-door spreading flyers and brochures everywhere. You can do it on social media. Using social media platforms (and if you are using it properly), you can reach many people (especially your target audience for your products) without having to be at their door. That being said, as easy as it may seem, social media has its own principles when it comes to designing the content if you want to succeed in gaining more audience and turning them into your real paying customers. For that reason, in order to design your business content on your social media account, make sure you know the principle of designing social media content. Basically, you can hire a graphic designer who can do the design for you and all you need to do is brief them about what kind of design that you need for your business social media account. However, if you haven’t hired them yet, at least you should know the first things about it. Keep reading this article to learn more!

Use your brand colours consistently

Colours have a powerful effect on social media because they offer a way to convey mood and meaning without words (only if you are using them properly). Therefore, before you start your own business, make sure you already choose the right colour for your brand. This colour later will also be used as your social media theme colour. Therefore, be careful when choosing the right colour for your business. First, you have to know more about your brand. Is your brand masculine or feminine? What are you feeling when you see your brand? What do you want your audience or customers to feel? The psychology of colour and branding is a dedicated art, so ensure you choose brand colours that speak towards your personality and focus.

In the business world, colours help people recognise a brand. Aside from that, structured social media photos can also help you in maintaining consistency in your content. When posting on social media, make sure you make it arranged well with consistent colour choices.

Choose fonts that reflect your identity

While it may seem trivial for some people who don’t know the first thing about design, but in the business world, fonts are important. Aside from having to represent a product or service that you have, the fonts used for your content also reflect your brand identity. Therefore, avoid using different types of fonts. Use consistent fonts that can make your brand easily recognisable. This will let your audience know how strong your brand is.

Choose background images with clear copy space

Copy space is the empty areas in images. If you have a well-designed image with an empty space for you to fill with text, make sure you can place your text in areas with clear copy space so that your content is legible and easy to understand. If you need to create more copy space within an image, enlarge and crop it. This will give your text more room to breathe.

Managing social media for business requires a great deal of focus on maintaining, monitoring, creating and designing your content for business social media purposes. However, aside from the points I have mentioned above, I have summarised what you should do when it comes to designing content for your business social media:

  • Use consistent layouts where people are familiar with your content
  • Use consistent filters that are tailored to your brand’s style
  • Post content consistently and in accordance with your schedule
  • Think about what your viewers want to see and need to see

Simply put, be consistent. A business’ most important principle is to be consistent in everything so that it will gain consistent results. Being unique and different is nice for business, but what you need to pay attention to is how consistent you are in managing your business and social media content. In short, stay unique and classy, be yourself but be consistent.