What is the Centre of Excellence and Why is It Important for Content Marketing Strategy?

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What is the Centre of Excellence and Why is It Important for Content Marketing Strategy?

When we are talking about excellence, we often tend to think it is about excelling in everything; jobs, cooking, crafts, etc. Actually, when it comes to the business world, excellence is about improving and filling what’s missing so it becomes well-prepared and close to perfect. This is especially important for content marketing. Remember the popular saying; “Content is king”? Yes, content is one of the most important aspects of business marketing strategy because depending on the content marketing strategy, content is what encourages target audience to make a final purchase decision. For that reason, many businesses are focused on content marketing strategy. However, some of business owners tend to forget the most important part when it comes to content creation; aligning teamwork for content making. The main key of content making is the person behind the making. If you are a business owner, you should know that integrating your employees from different disciplines can help you obtain world-class performance and value in work. This integration is called the Centre of Excellence or in short, COE. What is COE? Keep reading to find out!

Centre of Excellence or COE is a method used in work to bring together people from different disciplines to concentrate on learning, improving and driving the teams to succeed, starting from providing training, best practices as well as resources for all of the different teams. So, how does COE works?


No, I’m not talking about movie Crossover where the Avengers join hands with Batman and Wonder Woman. I’m talking about different teams like a customer service team, a video content team, a research team, as well as a team that creates content for sales joining hands to create more efficient and more effective content based on their team’s perspective. For example, one of your employees from video content told you this great idea about some video content; however, your customer service employees might not think it was a wise idea from their perspective. Therefore, you work together to create balance so that content marketing strategy is well-prepared.


My previous manager once tried to make a once-a-month after-work hangout where all the teams gathered together and had a dinner while talking with each other on Friday night. We named it “after-work socialisation”. While this is a good step for team bonding, my manager actually forgot to keep the tradition going, resulting in the once-a-month after-work hangout only done once. Yes, just like the name, though, it was only done once. Team bonding doesn’t actually have to be outside the office. Spending some quality time with the team inside the office is already team bonding. It is not about how you spend time with co-workers or employees outside work, it is about how you treat them every day and how consistent you are when leading them. Remember; a happy employee means a successful company, right?


COE has to implement a system where resources are shared equally with the teams. Everyone should be able to access templates, calendars, tools and even work standards. However, the company still has to monitor all employees’ interaction using these tools to make sure they are consistent. Remember; in order for this method to work, you need to know if they are consistent to do this.

When you are building a company with employees, oftentimes they may work separately and focus solely on their own team instead of collaborating with other teams. However, sharing knowledge with each other can help you grow your business with COE. When the teams join together to share values, ideas and knowledge, your COE method will identify problems and areas that need to be fixed and create consistency in both work progress and work results. When this happens, your content marketing strategy will be more effective that can bring more consistent business results in the long run.