The Harsh Truth: Ways Marketing Leaders Could Kill Company Cultures without Realising It

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The Harsh Truth: Ways Marketing Leaders Could Kill Company Cultures without Realising It

When I was a child, I used to think that I could get anything I wanted. When I ran out of money, it didn’t take long before money came in. I thought that everything would come easy, until reality hit me. The first time I got a job after having graduated from university, I had to suffer because I moved to another city to start my job there. It was there I started seeing life more differently and I realised that not everything would go according to my plan – and that’s the harsh truth I have discovered during my work journey. For that reason, I think the same thing can be said to business. I have been working on content marketing strategy for my clients’ business since 2017. I could say it is ironic that what makes companies fail is not their marketing efforts, but the way marketing leaders execute plans and how they work with their team that make them fail to bring positive cultures into the company. So, what kind of ways that we are talking about? Keep reading this article to find out!

When helpfulness goes awry

I have seen some of my friends complaining about their team leader who was so bossy and didn’t even make any changes for the company – the kind of leader who was strict for no reason and always complained about every task, thinking that everything should be according to their plan and if not, it would be a failure. However, what they failed to realise was that what they were doing was actually the opposite of success. Aggravating other employees will make helpfulness go awry, which can result in confusion and disarray in teamwork.

Hiring people at the speed of light

Leaders are required to make decisions as soon as possible. However, when it comes to hiring, choosing the right person is not as simple as that. You might need to be careful when choosing people to do the job. My friend from my previous workplace used to hire people just by looking at their CV and interviewing them online just for once. Of course those very same people were the ones betraying the company. Now he’s the only one regretting his actions for the hasty hiring.

Showing blatant favouritism

Oh, we know someone from our high school class who was known as the teacher’s pet. Some admire them and some hate them. That can also happen in workplace. It is all about the favourite employee and it could be annoying sometimes. Some leaders show blatant favouritism toward one employee. Believe it or not, this could cause some unhealthy competition between employees and even cause some employees to get tired of working since there was already a favourite. Of course, you know this could also affect the whole company’s performance, right?

Demanding everything to be fast

I’m sure almost all of us hate to be rushed, especially when it comes to work. Working requires a great deal of concentration and focus. However, when we are pressured too much especially in a rush, our work will not be productive let alone effective. While it is essential to finish work as soon as possible, rushing too much will only cause imperfection in the work itself. Unfortunately, there are still many leaders who rush work without even planning carefully. This could affect the results of the work itself.

A leader has many responsibilities and I admit that being a leader is not as easy as many of us thought. However, while leaders are required to make sure the job is done properly and monitor the work progress, leaders can choose how they act on them. Everything comes with decisions, choices and actions, but it’s not about that. It’s about how leaders execute plans and deliver the work. Confronting and eliminating bad behaviour may be the most difficult aspect of leading a workforce team because it involves having hard and honest conversations. That being said, those difficult conversations are necessary because there is much more at stake than being uncomfortable. If you can overcome the walls of burdens in a workforce, you are one step ahead to win. While uncomfortable things are inevitable and bound to happen, know the fact that it happens everywhere and it is natural. All you have to do is lead your employees to the right path where you all are standing on the same path. Difficult, yes, it is, but together? Yes, you can overcome it.