Sculpture Your Culture: How to Motivate Your Employees as Your Small Business Grows by Scaling Your Culture

Culture and workplace
Sculpture Your Culture: How to Motivate Your Employees as Your Small Business Grows by Scaling Your Culture

Sometimes it is hard to motivate ourselves, let alone motivating other people. However, if you are a business owner, motivating both yourself and your employees is no longer an option – it is compulsory. Why? That’s because your employees are part of the factors for increasing your business’ success. As someone who always works on content marketing strategy in a creative agency, ideas, to me are part of my content marketing strategy. And to my employer, his employees are crucial in order to build his business. For that reason, it is important for business owners to increase and grow their business through their employees’ motivation to help their employers achieve targets and goals. How do we do that? There is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to a workplace’ welfare; culture. We build culture to preserve our tradition and strong work ethics. When we always include culture in our workplace, we are also strengthening our work ethic, tradition, solidarity and success rate. With that in mind, I have written the ‘recipe’ especially for you. If you want to find out how to motivate your employees to grow your business, keep reading to find out!

Think about what is important for your employees and customers

In order for your employees to do their best for your company, first, you need to make them understand their role in your company. You know that they have to act in your company’s best interests; therefore, you have to believe in your employees and make sure they know about it. Have faith in their ability to attract talent, to motivate talent to attract more customers and that you hire them because you believe that your employees can pull it off.

Vocalise your company values

If you want your employees to understand your company, you have to show them your company values. You can create and tell stories that illustrate your company values. This will shape how people in your company act. For example, when you have new employees around or those who are going to secure an interview in your company, you can tell them stories about your company values to make it clear about the kind of behaviour that embodies your company values. Show them the importance of those values and the employees who set examples on how to preserve their work performance and work ethics.

Create cultures and traditions to symbolise togetherness

Believe it or not, cultures and traditions are what make your employees preserve your company values. I know it seems trivial, but this is true. A simple tradition like celebrating each of your employees’ birthday is a good step to strengthen your company’s solidarity and togetherness, as well as friendship. This shows that everyone cares about each other while still maintaining their professionality at work at the same time.

Give rewards to those who embody values

I am very well aware that in the work life, we can always encounter some ‘bad guys’ in the office who like to deceive others in order to be on top and sometimes it is inevitable. However, it’s your job to make sure you can prevent it from happening or at least reduce the possibility of it to happen in your company. I know giving rewards to those who gain the best achievement might seem to be unfair, but we think about the intention here, you know that this is a way to motivate your employees to work as fairly as possible and do their best to achieve the best result for your company. Make sure that they know this is not only about achievement, but it is also about values.

When managing your business, you should realise that each of your employees has their own dreams and goals. They are working for you so that they can reach their dreams and goals. You make them work for you to achieve yours as well. Therefore, it is in your best interest that you appreciate their hard work in many good ways you can get for them. What matters is that you always preserve your company cultures and traditions so that you can not only maintain traditions and cultures, but you can also form a stronger bond both you and your employees and also your employees with each other.