Politically Correct: Should Your Business Express Your Political Opinion on Social Media?

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Politically Correct: Should Your Business Express Your Political Opinion on Social Media?

Interacting and being involved on social media is something fun sometimes, especially if you are joining a community or something. Forget community, being on social media itself is already something fun – well, at least for some or most people in the world, including me. It is fun to join a conversation in some groups or pages on social media because you can find many ideas based on different people’s perspectives as well as make more friends while you’re at it, especially if you are talking about recent happenings in your country. One of the never ending talks about recent happenings is the politic talk. Everyone has different opinions about politics and setting aside the endless debates between the pros and the contras, the different opinions are actually what make the topic about politics more interesting, as we can see politics with a different light. Well, that’s when we are talking about personal social media account. However, when you are a business owner having an official social media business account, it is a different story. A lot of people asked me if it is okay to join a conversation or simply express your opinion about politics as a business entity. Well, if you want to find out the answer, find out in this article!

Social media is essential for business for a reason; to reach as many people as possible – the right people. The term “the right people” means you need to find the people who might need your products or services, so it’s not just some random people. However, even though you are using your social media account purely for business, you still need to be socially social, so it’s not just about what you are selling on social media, but it is also about your relationship with your customers, whether they are potential customers or your regular customers. To be honest with you, I don’t like mixing unrelated happenings with my work. If that trend or popular topic is not related to my business, I don’t even want to discuss it with my followers. However, I can make some exception. After all, silence is not all gold. There are times when you need to express your voice to let your followers know that you care about what’s happening around the world. That being said, you still need to be careful with what you say. There are things you need to consider before expressing your opinion about politics as a business entity:

  • Saying something may be better than saying nothing
  • Start by listening and gather reliable information as much as possible
  • Pick issues that are important for your constituents
  • Think topics, not parties
  • Plan how you will deal with reactions
  • Be genuine and be real. Fake impressions will only decrease your followers’ interest in your content

If you are careful with your words, everything will be alright. After all, words can be the root of misunderstanding, but words can be something meaningful if the words being chosen properly and carefully. If you need to know more about social media tips, contact us and let our awesome team help you grow your business through the power of social media.