This One Place Can Surprisingly Boost Your Creativity in Business

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This One Place Can Surprisingly Boost Your Creativity in Business

Well, we’re talking about one place here, not two or three. You would probably get the idea already. Yes, that’s right. There is only one place in this world that can (surprisingly) boost your creativity; the bathroom. I mean, have you ever felt like you are suddenly good at singing when you are in the bathroom? It’s like your shyness of performing suddenly disappears? Oh, have you ever felt like you are suddenly good at debating when you are in the bathroom? You were involved in an argument with a friend, but you didn’t come up with a good comeback. However, when you were taking a shower, you were suddenly filled with ideas about what to say to your friend to corroborate your argument. Or have you ever felt like you are suddenly brimming with novel ideas when you are in your bathroom? Or maybe if you are a business owner or a digital marketer, being in a bathroom makes you think of many ideas for your content marketing strategy or for your business. If so, you are not alone, me too! In this article, I am going to share my point of view in terms of boosting creativity when I am in my bathroom. Maybe this insight can help you boost your creativity for your business too! Keep reading to find out.

Well, I’m not saying you should stay in the bathroom for the whole day. You see, ideas can appear any time during your shower time. When you are applying your shower gel to your skin or when you are washing away the remnant of your shower cream, or even when you are flushing the toilet; you can get ideas from there – any time and any moment. Here’s my part of the story.

You see, writing novels or writing short stories is my hobby. Although right now I haven’t landed a job in novel or story writing, creating stories is still my passion, if not side hobby. Somehow I have a tendency to stay a little bit longer in the bathroom than regular people do. I know this may not be a good analogy, but this is where I get to tell you how I got so many ideas in just few minutes or hours in the bathroom. When I sit on the toilet, I see many things on my mind. I see many stories and possibilities. In my case, those visuals that appear in my brain are the stories I can come up with and I immediately look for possibilities to expand those stories and even do characterisation for each potential character in just an hour. Not only that, those ideas are even expanding further when I am starting to take a shower. The surprising part is not even the fact that we get ideas from staying a little bit longer in the bathroom; the surprising part is that when I get out of the bathroom, if I don’t immediately take notes of the ideas, those ideas will disappear in just a few minutes after getting out of the bathroom. What is happening?

Yes, I did some readings about it and it turns out, I am not the only person who feels that. Research shows that our brains need “pampering” in order to produce better thinking. When you force your brain to produce creative ideas, the brain becomes more resistant. When you are taking a shower, your brain and your mind start to relax. When you are relaxing, your brain can freely explore your hidden ideas, in which it has something to do with your mind’s conscious and unconscious processes. People assume that brain works hardest when we are consciously concentrating on a task, but that’s not true. Too much concentration will cause our brains to censor themselves and we would end up tossing away our creative solutions. However, when we relax, our command centre relaxes too, which can activate our unconscious mode that opens up pathways in the brain that enable new connections to form and these connections, my friend, are the place where our creative ideas are born.

Relaxing mind is a good condition to form creative solutions and ideas, especially when it comes to business. And the best place to achieve that is the bathroom. Don’t try too hard to force your brain to work on ideas. Instead, try to relax in the bathroom and formulate ideas while taking a shower. However, once you get the ideas, don’t forget to immediately write it down on your notes after you finish taking a shower; otherwise, you will forget the ideas an hour later.