Creative Tips on Using Instagram for Your Business that Can Attract New Customers

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Creative Tips on Using Instagram for Your Business that Can Attract New Customers

Oh, Instagram. We can never get enough of it, right? It is now a common knowledge that we are living in a world where social media influence can be felt. Almost everyone in this world cannot live without social media. Even news spread better on social media than on the news itself. With so many social media platforms out there, the two of them stand out the most: Facebook and Instagram. Having more than a billion active users, both platforms even have bigger influence when it comes to the business world, because it is easier to reach many people on social media than using traditional marketing efforts. For that reason, many businesses start thinking about having their own social media account to attract more and new customers. Of course, for those businesses that sell goods and stuff, Instagram has always been the first choice for that. If you have a business and your business needs Instagram to grow and increase your brand awareness, then there are creative ways you can do to attract new customers using Instagram. Keep reading this article to know how!

Instagram has always evolved into better and easier use of its (new) features that allow users to maximise their potential to expand their social interactions and engagements, not only personal users, but also business accounts. But there are creative ways you can use it for your business. Here we go!

Establish a consistent visual brand identity

Having brand identity is what makes your brand stand out and what makes you, you. When you are using Instagram, somehow your post will appear somewhere along the explore part, but your username won’t be visible until someone clicks on your post. However, when you have a strong and distinctive brand identity, it becomes your identity. So, how to make it happen? Shaping visual brand identity using colour is the right way to start with your brand identity. You can start with colour idea (usually you match the colour with the one you are using for your brand logo). When you have chosen a colour, this colour will be your “face” for your entire brand, especially for your brand’s social media. Also, this colour will always be in every post of your business’ Instagram account. Why should this matter? Well, when you have this colour and consistent design in your posts, people will easily recognise that it is your brand without having to look at your profile name. That’s why setting a rule for your Instagram posts is important in order to increase brand awareness. Start with arranging the posts neatly, using consistent colour and design, also timing your schedule to post in order.

Run a giveaway

This may be a common event on Instagram, as many business profiles use this method in order to gain more followers and more engagement with audience, but to be honest, this is a creative, if not subtle, way to achieve that goal. When you create a giveaway post, make sure you instruct your followers to do these:

  • Follow your Instagram account if they want to join your event
  • Like the photo of the event announcement, as well as 3 up to 5 others in your Instagram profile
  • Comment and tag 5 of their friends in the comment, as well as insert some special hashtags containing your brand name and the giveaway event or the prize for the giveaway

This method does not only gain you more followers, but also gain you an increase in your brand awareness. Even though some of those new followers might not be permanently following you, at least you’ve got more traffic to your Instagram profile through so many comments and likes you get from that event.

Seasonal content

Instagram is a fast moving medium – it reacts quickly to trending topics, and that’s why it makes Instagram the perfect place to post content that is relevant right now. Always keep up to date to the latest news, happenings, and trends. Whether it is memes, pop culture, or noteworthy events, you should keep your eyes on them. However, always remember to keep your post as humble and respectful as possible. Don’t take advantage of natural disasters either. Be respectful and show real compassion.

That’s how you build creativity in your Instagram posts. It is okay to be insanely creative as long as you keep being respectful and humble. There are actually many more creative ways you can do with your Instagram posts. If you want to know more, contact us and let our team help you with that.