A Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Trending Topics for Your Business on Social Media

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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Use Trending Topics for Your Business on Social Media

Using social media accounts for personal use is different than using it for managing a brand. While you can express yourself freely anytime you want on your personal social media account, it is a different story when it comes to using social media account for business – you can’t just do anything you want and anytime you want. It has timing and situation. If you do it right at the right timing and the right situation, you will get results that will be influential and effective for your business – more than what you can imagine. Surely, you know if you own a business, having social media account to represent your brand is important, right? Yes, that’s because through social media, people can find what they are looking for in your business. That being said, again, if you manage it properly.

One of the obvious ways to reach many people on social media is through trending topic. Why? Well, that’s because most people are, just there. However, many business owners “abuse” this term and so, their social media campaign end up failing. For that reason, in this article today, we are going to help you identify the do’s and don’ts in using trending topic on social media. Keep reading to find out!

Holiday season campaign

The safest way of using trending topic for your business’ social media campaign is through holiday season. Well, it is simply because holiday season is always trending. The hashtags are never neglected. Of course, when it is holiday season, you have to create something new for your social media content in each holiday season. For example, if it is summer holiday, you can make a seasonal profile picture and cover photo (if you also manage Facebook account) related to summer.


You can make seasonal and special holiday promo, post some holiday cards and wishes, as well as share your company photos of celebration. The Body Shop is a good example of a brand that uses holiday season campaign for social media properly and always timely.


Don’t be “static” when it comes to social media. You are expected to be up to date with any situation that is happening in the world, especially holiday season.

Social trends

Social trend is also a good example that you can use for interacting more with your followers. Not only is it one of the mainly searched hashtags that are always in trend, it is also a way to participate in social events that can lead to more potential customers turned into real paying customers. Why? That’s because when people know how engaging your social media account is, they can also know how credible you are. That being said, be careful in choosing social trends to participate in.


You should find something relevant to your business. For example, if your business is about clothing material or fabrics, then the famous Mannequin Challenge would be suitable for your business.


Although Ice Bucket Challenge is in for a cause, if your business does not have time for the campaign, then don’t force it. If your schedule is not really busy for other events, you can spare time for this challenge. However, it is in your best interest that you prioritise relevant trends first. Keep in mind that by not doing this challenge, it doesn’t mean that you close your eyes for awareness; you just have to stay focused in the meantime.

Controversy and tragedy

Controversy and tragedy may be the fastest way to go to trending topics, but that may cost you your brand reputation if you fail in delivering your message. Involving yourself in controversial issues is dangerous, but if you can see the light out of those issues and make that a good social media content, why not? Also, public tragedies are very sensitive issues. Therefore, you should be careful if you want to get involved.


There are many choices you can do to engage in controversial issues or public tragedies:

  • Offer condolences to public tragedy on social media
  • Raise funds to help the victims involved in the tragedy
  • Be silent and not post any promotional content on social media for a few days
  • Create content that can enlighten the mood during controversial issues


If you can’t create something better to get involved in controversial issues, then don’t get involved in one. If you can’t offer condolences to public tragedy as well, then be silent. Here are the things you should pay attention to avoid any unwanted situation:

  • Don’t post status update responding to a public tragedy with the intention of wanting to increase sales or promoting your brand
  • Don’t take advantage of public tragedies
  • Don’t share any promotional content for a few days, your company won’t get into bankruptcy just because you are silent for a few days
  • Don’t be involved in controversial issues
  • Don’t share personal opinions regarding those issues

That’s the do’s and don’ts in using trending topics for social media campaign. Even though you are managing a social media account for business, you are still a human being. Showing compassion is better than completely promoting your brand. Use social media as a human being and your business will keep running smoothly without too much of hassle.