How to Think Outside the Box without Being Off Topic in Content Marketing Strategy

How to Think Outside the Box without Being Off Topic in Content Marketing Strategy
How to Think Outside the Box without Being Off Topic in Content Marketing Strategy

Having a business is not just about having money and asset for your business. When you own a business, you are expected to grow so that you can also grow your business. Therefore, in order to grow, a business owner must not only possess a strong business mind, but also possess a great marketer’s mind at the same time, and a marketer has to possess a mind that can explore every idea that comes into it. However, the problem is, you are not the only marketer in the world. Many marketers are there to compete with you and the best thing you should do is that you have to be different in your own way to distinguish you from the other marketers, and the best way to do that? Think outside the box. Be unique in your own content marketing strategy. That being said, some marketers end up being off topic that is not relevant to their business when they are trying to think outside the box. Being different is great, but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard by doing things that don’t relate to your business. In this article, we are going to share with you the ways on how to think outside the box without being irrelevant to your business’ content marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out!

The first things to know before thinking outside the box are

Observe what’s happening around the world

What you need to do before deciding to be different is that you need to pay attention to what’s happening outside of your industry, because in order to grow, you have to know that it is not just about your industry. You can learn more information from other industries and see what’s trending from year to year, and observe the markets. By doing this, you can explore your ideas better and pour it into better innovation adjusted to the markets, which in turn can result in success.

Focus on carrying out your strategy with no distraction (but know when to do it)

The key point in content marketing strategy is know what you want and when to do it, and the master key in content marketing strategy lies in the action. So many people have built a great content marketing strategy but never act on it and that’s the mistake they never realise they are doing. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you have to flat out implement something that hasn’t been tested and adjusted. Therefore, before fully implementing your strategy, you have to test it out first and adjust it to your business and the trends you are trying to follow.

Understand what you sell and why people buy it

Many business owners know what they sell and why people buy it, but only some who understand their products better than anyone else. Some business owners make a huge mistake by combining their products with the wrong trends, resulting in failures in the future. For example, an international fried chicken company tried to mix their original fried chicken with the food culture of a country they have branches in. Let’s say, in Indonesia, there is a traditional food called Nasi Uduk with its well-known Sambal and this fried chicken blue-chip company tried to mix Nasi Uduk and Sambal with their original fried chicken. While being different is great; mixing things that won’t mix will end up getting you failures in marketing your brand. Therefore, understand your products better and think of a solution that can work well in both the trends and the ideas. Think like this, “If I do this, what will happen? Is it going to work well? Will people like it? Will this work on my business?” before implementing something that hasn’t been tested yet.

Don’t try to keep up with the other marketers

Sure, you may need inspirations from other marketers and sometimes it is okay to follow them and do some stuff they are doing for promotion, but what you might not know is that just like us, they are also human with mistakes. Their inspiration can somewhat go wrong and if you already do what they do, it might end up dragging you down with them. It’s okay to get some inspirations in moderation, but make sure you keep being original and carefully plan your strategy in a whole different level than any marketers can do.

Pay attention to your consumers

In order to create great content marketing strategies, you must understand what your consumers want and what they need. So you have this idea of making charity events, but what if those events are not for your business? Well, Audi did that kind of mistake once. The luxurious car company once tried to think outside the box by going off topic. The majority of their followers are excited to see more of Audi’s luxurious cars on their Instagram page, but apparently, one day Audi tried to “think differently” by sharing charity event photos instead of their usual cars. This resulted in a huge disappointment when their followers only saw “charity events” on Audi’s page for a few weeks, some even threatened to unfollow Audi because they only want the original car posts.

That’s how you think outside the box without going off topic. Being different is fine, but do it wisely and adjust it to your business before implementing any content marketing strategy. Remember to always discuss first with your team and formulate better solutions and back up plans to cover your strategy. If you need successful content marketing strategy, feel free to contact us and our marketing team will always be ready to help you.