Things You Wish You’d Known before Using Instagram for Business

Things You Wish You'd Known before Using Instagram for Business
Things You Wish You’d Known before Using Instagram for Business

Business is like the ticking time, whatever you do, wherever you are; it keeps moving forward. As time goes by, many new businesses are coming, as well as the new trends. No matter how long a business has been operating, it is expected to be better and better with time. That’s why once you get into the business world; you are expected to know what you want, what you do to get it, and how long you are going to do it, because when you have a business, you should have the future in mind, as business is constantly changing with time and trends. Speaking of trends, you might be familiar with how social media can introduce trends to the world, right? Yes, social media is the topic for this week, and we’re going to discuss about Instagram!

Almost the majority of the world’s population know the existence of Instagram, even though not all of us use it. Instagram, as we know it, is one of the most popular social media platforms, reaching more than 800 million users. We could say that this is a good platform to express yourself and to promote your brand. Most of business owners, realising the growing influence Instagram can bring to the table, began using Instagram as a tool for their brand’s promotion. However, as social media is not magic, some of them failed to deliver the best result for their brand’s promotion, and the use of social media was not managed optimally. This could not only lead to failures in running a business, but it could also lead to the decline of self confidence in continuing the business, resulting in blaming social media for that. We are sure you are not like that, but if that ever happened to your business, then you should be aware that this might be because you were doing it wrong. Well, don’t worry, as that will change, because this article will tell you what you wish you’d known before using Instagram for business! Keep reading to find out.

Using Instagram might be tricky for us, especially if we don’t use it properly. Sometimes without realising, we may have done some mistakes in using Intagram for business.

Don’t be too focused on product advertisement

One of the common mistakes you might do when managing social media for your business is that you share too many posts on advertising products on your Instagram profile. While it is okay for you to post your products, overdoing it only shows that your brand is not lively and interactive. Also, if the users want to know more about your products, they would likely visit your website instead, right? Therefore, your Instagram profile should be more focused on interaction and engaging conversation between you and your customers or potential customers. This can also be a way to understand your target audience better that it will give you more ideas and inspirations for content and ads that will work well with your target audience.

Don’t be inconsistent with your characteristics

Every business has their “voice” and “characteristics.” Your business has your own too, and that’s what makes you different than any business in your industry. When expressing your brand on social media, you have to be consistent with your posts, because you are expected to give your target audience inspirations about your brand. Don’t post random things without having correlation with what your business is doing. Sure, you can post some memes sometimes to entertain them so that it is not all about you, but that doesn’t mean you can share anything you want. Well, don’t worry, we have provided you with these steps to make it work on your Instagram profile:

  1. Create a weekly plan for social media posts.
  2. Since Instagram has each row divided into 3 spaces for you to share 3 photos, you can arrange neatly organised photos based on the topic and position. For example, you will share your products’ photo on the right side, and you will keep sharing your products’ photo on the right side, which means, you will share it first before the other photos, because once you share the other photos, your products’ photo will be automatically moved to the right side.
  3. The middle side should be anything relevant to your business.
  4. You can choose any kind of post you want on the left side, like, for example, memes or anything to make your target audience’s day. However, for a balanced look in the row, make sure the colour you choose for each post in one row is still in the same colour nuance.
  5. Repeat the process for the upcoming rows.
  6. Don’t make it random, you have to be consistent with your posts.

Generate leads through Instagram Lead Ads

Instagram is an important tool for your brand promotion and recognition, but it is even better in helping you generate more leads through its Lead Ads. You can offer something great for your target audience in return for their details that can help you reach out to them later. When your direct sales are not selling enough, lead generation is a good choice for another back-up strategy. With Instagram Lead Ads, you can reach a targeted group of audience with its built-in filters. Since Instagram is all about visuals, make sure your content has good quality graphics that look enchanting to your target audience. Also, give special offers to your target audience that will make them feel special and compelled to give their details for you.

Paid ads are important too

People were too focused on budgeting that they forgot to notice the importance of paid ads. The truth is; when you want to offer something from your newest products for example, paid ads enable you to choose your own target audience that may find your ads relevant to what they want, especially if they are within 15 miles from you. You can also do the same for your target audience in certain areas, and paid ads have features that let you choose your own specific audience.

Avoid infrequently posting content without time direction

Overly posting content without the right time direction will only be confusing and overwhelming for your audience. First, you need to develop a content calendar that can help you with a schedule for when you will be posting. Also, avoid posting inconsistently that you will end up slacking off in the future, as this could lead to inconsistent strategies that your Instagram business profile will end up getting nowhere. Categorise your posts with different time directions, for example, you can share one product discount offer on one of the weekdays and one on the weekends.

Engage more with your audience

One of the most common mistakes you might make is that when your brand gets publicly recognised, you will strive for more and more new audience and tend to forget “those who were there first.” In worst cases, some businesses even started adopting “ivory tower” approach and “fire and forget” attitude when they started to get publicly noticed, aiming more at upper-class people, forgetting those who used your services or products first. Create engaging events with your audience, the old and the new ones without comparing their social ladder. Everyone is treated the same and don’t forget about those who have always been “devoted” to buying your products or services. Express your gratitude for them in the events you make.

Yes… You wish you’d known this sooner, right? Now how do you feel? Well, don’t worry! Don’t regret it, as there’s still time to make it better for your business. You can re-build and re-arrange your social media reputation anytime you want. However, the faster you move; the better for your business. Remember, engage and interact more with your audience and keep being consistent with your posts. If you need more help with your business’ Instagram profile, don’t hesitate to contact us and our team will gladly assist you.