The Importance of Online Reviews for Your SEO: Work Harder

The Importance of Online Reviews for Your SEO: Work Harder
The Importance of Online Reviews for Your SEO: Work Harder

Business and SEO are two things in the world that can never be separated. You can never ignore the importance of SEO for business. For that reason, many business owners use SEO services to help them grow their business. Now with so many new trends in the digital life, almost everything is online, including complaining and reviewing. Yes, with so many businesses offering various products and services out there, online or offline, we still review the products and services using online platforms. Back then we used to complain through customer services by phone or review through writing on a piece of paper, and now not only can we write reviews online, their company will get a higher chance to be discovered online.

Are you a business owner? Or are you a marketing manager? Whoever you are, once you enter the business world, you will realise the importance of SEO and how online reviews also affect the SEO progress of a business, but for now, you can learn more from this article!

Online reviews are a set of customers’ experiences, valuations and impressions about certain places, products, or services provided by businesses written online. If you own a business, you will find that your customers are talking about your products or services and giving you ratings that depend on your business quality. So, what is the connection between online reviews and your SEO? Well, based on the research done by Search Engine Land, 72% of people trust reviews as much as they do recommendations from family and friends. Also, reviews have shaped search algorithms and Google indicates that reviews also play a role in one of its three main local search factors; therefore, many marketers try to formulate new strategic plans to improve their business’ online reviews. Below are the factors that explain why online reviews matter so much for SEO progress.

The quantity of reviews can help increase credibility

With the existence of online reviews, your potential customers are given a chance to “get to know” you better through what people say about your company and what you offer. If many people have already visited your business place, they are likely to leave a comment or a review regarding your business whether they are satisfied or not. However, the more people review your products or services, the more chances you get to attract more new potential customers, because they believe that you are not a fraud because so many people have used your products or services.

Rating scores can help enhance your “charm”

According to Search Engine Land, only 13% of people will consider buying from a business with the rating of 1 or 2 stars. Once a business reaches a 4-star rating or more, it is more likely to get more new customers. While it is not the only assessment factor to base on, it still has a big impact on their credibility and reputation.

The variety of reviews can widen your social and digital footprint

When you place your flags across all relevant review platforms, it can help your citation-building efforts. Also, it spreads your social and digital footprint, enabling your brand to be more visible on the sites and apps that people are using to find and rate local businesses.

Positive reviews can boost your brand’s reputation and increase your brand awareness

It is natural for most people to change their mind before purchasing something after reading negative reviews. However, when people read positive reviews, it will increase a business’s brand awareness and reputation. This can help your business be publicly recognised because of your good reputations and therefore increase the chance of your business’ online visibility.

That’s how important online reviews for SEO progress! However, the question is, how do we get positive reviews? Work harder! A good business doesn’t only offer good promotions, but it also provides high quality services and products. Always create strategic operation plan, so that your workers can give the best services for your customers, and remember, always keep up and improve the good quality of what you sell. Therefore, you will get more positive reviews that can boost your credibility and reputation.