Love on the Go: Ways You Can Do to Improve Your Food Truck’s SEO Progress

tips on how to improve your food truck business SEO
Love on the Go: Ways You Can Do to Improve Your Food Truck’s SEO Progress

If you have read many of my articles about food truck, you will notice the word I have constantly used for the titles; “love.” Yes, that’s because for me, food truck brings love everywhere they go. I mean, who doesn’t like delicious food? If you have a food truck business, you will understand what I meant. However, even though most people like food trucks, that doesn’t mean food truck business doesn’t need a website, SEO or digital marketing. As a person who provides content marketing services, I have met several people in the food truck business who happened to use SEO as a way to generate more new customers. A business needs two things as the strong foundation to keep the business running; new customers and returning customers. However, when we look at a different side of a problem, a food truck business is always on the move, which makes it a little more difficult to have returning customers. That’s why I have said it many times, your food truck business needs online presence and brand awareness and having a website with SEO set up in it is your best shot to improve your business. I have summed up some explanations about how to improve your food truck business’ SEO progress. Keep reading this article to learn more!

Make sure you prioritize mobile-friendly website

Starting from 2015, the number of online searches on mobile devices surpassed the number of desktop searches, and it continues to rise. According to Pew Research Center’s Mobile Fact Sheet, a whopping 77 percent of Americans had smartphones at the start of 2018. To help your food truck website get found by on-the-go customers, make sure your website renders properly on small screens and provides mobile users with a favorable visitor experience. Yes, that’s because those food truck lovers are making a search online when they are going to drive somewhere to grab a bite.

Don’t forget to use keywords to boost your website visibility

Keyword brainstorming and research are the foundation of SEO success. Think about the wording consumers would naturally use when searching for the type of foods you offer, and look at the bottom of the search results page for other related search terms people are using. When you are using the right keywords, you are actually encouraging people to find your food truck business website. Put yourself in their shoes, if you were to look for a food truck nearby your area, what would you type in the search box?

Put your consistent schedules on your website

Please, this is so important! One problem that always makes it difficult for your food truck business to get returning customers is that you are always on the move from place to place. Sure, it’s lovely to get new customers, but loyal customers are everything; they will also encourage more new customers in the future. For that reason, make sure you include your consistent schedule where it covers where you will go next, what places you usually visit, and what time you will be there. Also, it is important to note when your food truck business will have some days off or that due to certain things, you cannot make it to the place. A website exists to help you inform your customers. If you do it that way, you don’t have to worry about losing loyal customers; they will already be there when you come to their area.

Are you trying to achieve even more success at your food truck business? Aside from the points I have mentioned above, I will recommend going social! Yes, when you get social, that’s where you increase your brand awareness. Social media is the best place to showcase your food truck business existence. Keep in mind that you have to be more engaged and interactive with your customers – you will make them your most loyal customers if you attentive to their needs.