Stay True, Stay Stylish: Create A Unique Visual Style for Your Business Instagram Account with These Ways

How to create creative visual for Instagram posts
Stay True, Stay Stylish: Create A Unique Visual Style for Your Business Instagram Account with These Ways

With the increase of social media use, many people in the business world make use of social media to increase their brand awareness. However, many of them still use it the wrong way. As a person who has been providing social media services every day, I never get tired of giving them social media advice, starting from content strategy, captions even to its visual style. If you are a business owner, try to understand that while looks aren’t everything, visuals are the first thing your audience will see when they visit your social media profile. Although you may be using social media platform to sell your products, it doesn’t mean that you only flat out post your products. Your business exists for a purpose; to help and solve your target buyers’ problems with your products. However, they don’t only want to see your products. They want to see your solutions. Especially on Instagram, you can create a unique visual style for your business account in order to visualize your solutions and your products to attract audience’s interest. How? Find out in this article!

First, create a neat username and arrange your posts

Have you ever seen an online shop account with a username similar to these: @solution_for_your_pregnancy or or @make_yourself.taller_now? Yes, I have, many times, if you ask me. And yes, just as bad as the username, accounts like that usually have messy posts containing fake testimonies and fake before-after photos, including messy captions. To confirm my suspicion, I did really click the account and saw those messy posts, just like spam accounts, these trashy accounts are mostly (but not all) scammers. Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever saw that kind of Instagram account, would you really want to pay for their service? I wouldn’t if I were you. Therefore, instead of trying to find ‘unique’ Instagram username for you, focus on getting a neat username that is relevant to your business name. For example, if your business’ name is “Voila” that provides perfumes for customers, you can choose neat and relevant name like, @voilaperfumery or @perfumesatvoila. Even if those usernames are taken and you have no choice but to use symbols, you can use it but no more than one. For example, you can use it this way; @voila_perfumery or @voila.perfumery or @perfumes.atvoila. Aside from username, make sure you arrange your posts neatly as well. You don’t want random fake posts to be all over your feeds that can be a huge turn off for your potential buyers. For that reason, let’s get into the next part below…

Create synchronized color patterns that are consistent

One thing for sure when it comes to decorating Instagram feeds into creative visuals is that you have to be consistent with colors. For example, if your brand’s main color is purple, then your feed posts need to have the same nuance in colors that create strong purple aura without making it boring at the same time.

Create consistent post pattern to instill familiarity

One of the best ways to create unique visuals for your Instagram posts is that you make consistent post pattern to make your audience feel familiar with your post updates, yet still curious to know what you are up to because they never predict it. I came across this official brand on Instagram that uses this method as a way to instill familiarity. I forgot the name of the account, but they will post certain topics to be placed in the middle of the post patterns. For example, they will post about their product first at 3 p.m., and later they will post about zodiac facts at 5 p.m., and the next post will be at 6 p.m., discussing about their product benefits. Therefore, when we visit their page and see their timeline, posts about zodiac facts will be placed in the middle.

By implementing those ideas that I have mentioned above, you can create beautifully arranged posts for your business. Don’t forget to always keep up with the trends, but always remember to keep up with those that are relevant to your business. If you have more questions about this, feel free to contact us and let our team help you.