To No Avail: Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Fails

Reasons why your content marketing strategy fails and how to do it right
To No Avail: Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Fails

Have you ever been in a situation where you tried to sell your products but nobody bought your products no matter how great your product quality? If so, let’s high five! I was in the same situation when I tried to sell my preloved items. I did many things to get them sold on so many platforms. I joined groups specially made for preloved sellers, joined ecommerce websites and even created a new social media account on Facebook and Instagram. However, I FAILED miserably. I didn’t understand why back then, but when I started working to provide content marketing services, only then did I finally understand why I was not able to sell even one of my preloved items. When I finally understood, I tried to apply new methods of selling my preloved items and it WORKED! Looking back, I can finally sum up the factors as to why I failed to sell my preloved items. If I was finally able to sell my preloved items, of which quality were below your original products, there is no reason for you not to sell your products successfully. However, before that, it is better for you to know why your content marketing strategy fails. Keep reading this article to learn more!

You tried to sell…too much

The best marketing strategy of all time is selling without selling. This means that you sell without trying to look like you are selling. Sadly, many business owners fail to realise how important this mindset is for business. Most of us tend to work hard on selling without making customers trust us. A business exists for a reason; to solve their target’s problems. A skincare company sells their stuff to heal and treat their target’s skin. Instead of posting content that focuses on products alone, try to help solve your target audience’s problems with your content. Help them understand why your business exists and why they should buy your products.

The worst strategy is no strategy at all

Some of my friends started their business recklessly and most of the time, they would not even create content. Why did I mean by that? Yes, if you guessed plain social media posts, you guessed it right. They posted photos of their products and only put price information for the captions. It was just flat out selling without caring. If you were their customer, why would you bother buying their products?

Yes, your content is boring

Nothing bores people so much more than lifeless content. When it comes to marketing strategy, you are not showing content to robots – you are providing content for humans. And you should know the difference between ‘talking’ to robots and talking to real humans. When you talk to a person, you try to make them understand why your products are made and why buying your products will be beneficial for them in more interesting way without so much screaming “please buy our products.” Instead, you can say “Did you know? Research found that centella asiatica is believed to have many benefits to calm inflammation, speed wound healing, stimulate new cell growth, build collagen, and improve circulation. We were aware of that, so we added this amazing ingredient as a part of our product value.”

I’m not saying creating content is easy. It takes a great deal of creativity to make content that works. But one thing for sure, while creating content is a part of your marketing strategy, try not to be obvious that you are selling. We all know you are selling, but what your audience needs to know is whether or not your products are valuable for them and whether or not they should trust you with their problems. Once you understand this, I’m sure you will be successful.