The Meaning of Things: What Actually Defines A Successful Business?

the meaning of successful business
The Meaning of Things: What Actually Defines A Successful Business?

People say money can’t buy happiness. I can say whoever started this nonsense saying didn’t really understand the meaning of the existence of money for us as a whole. I’m not criticising, but after spending 10 years being independent and trying to make ends meet has opened my eyes to the big picture. It is the fact that there is more to money than what just meets the eye. If you are financially stable and have money to provide for you and your family, then you will be happy, right? On the other hand, if you have no money, you will have to face difficulties to make ends meet and you won’t be happy. I think that is the essence of life. We all want to be happy so we pursue happiness through many things. However, you should know that we define the meaning of life based on what we believe to be the value. In the business world, we define our success, but what is the meaning of success to us? As a person who provides Melbourne SEO services for businesses, I have encountered many kinds of clients who define their own success. However, I’m not quite sure if I agree with their statements. The meaning of being successful in business to me is not just about earning money. It’s about…

Providing solution to a problem

I may not be a business owner at this moment, but I used to be one when I was younger. Though I was only a business owner for a short period of time, there was one thing I really valued the most during my time providing products for my customers. It was when I solved my customers’ problems by proving the right products for them. I used to sell products to heal acnes and I got customers with acne problems consulting to me and asking me to help them. Some of my customers got cystic acne and I was truly devastated seeing their condition that I was determined to literally ‘save’ them. When my products worked well for their skin and their acnes started fading away from their skin, I couldn’t describe how happy (and relieved) I was when I received positive feedbacks from my happy customers. You see, building a business based on the mindset to provide solution to a problem is more valuable than building a business based on the thought to earn more money. Your business is considered as successful because it brings positive impacts and solutions to your customers.

Having loyal customers

You may be happy when you’ve got new customers buying from your company, but is that enough for you to define success? While having another customer is still a good sign, what’s the point if they won’t come back for more? Returning customers mean your products are good and they acknowledge the quality of your products – something a business can take pride in.

Contributing to communities

A successful business doesn’t always mean having increased sales and gaining money fast. A successful business is the one that can contribute to the social community for a cause. A company with the value of “giving back” is the one thing that makes a business successful. Most successful small business owners give back to their communities. Simple acts of donating to charities or sponsoring public safety programs are examples of social contributions. Perhaps The Body Shop is one of the best examples I can give you here. While you may not get the profit you usually get from your business, your business holds valuable meanings for your success.

Having a business doesn’t always mean getting more money; it is about how you can help your customers solve their problems and pay you without feeling like it was a waste of time. They pay happily, you get profits positively. That, my friend, is how you define success.