Consistent Pondering: Should You Really Hire a Social Media Specialist for Your Business?

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Consistent Pondering: Should You Really Hire a Social Media Specialist for Your Business?

Let’s take a moment to feel grateful and blessed that we are now living in a place where technology is improved as time goes by. While modern technology seems to be confusing for some people who are not used to the new improvement and change, I have to admit that we need this change in this day and age. Why? That’s because modern technology makes our life easier, right? I mean, when was the last time you went out, grabbed a taxi and came to the shopping centre to buy some clothes? You can do it straight from home now – no taxi, no makeup, still in your pyjamas. Yes, you can buy things online and wait for the stuff to come to your house. Aside from online store websites, however, we can now buy things from social media. We used to look at social media as a platform for, well, social interactions, right? Now social media is also intended for marketing strategies to encourage purchase decision. Why social media though? As a person who provides social media services for clients in the business world, I have also learned so many things that made me understand why we need social media for business in the first place. Let me just tell you some analogy to help you get a better understanding on this matter.

Let’s say you are a woman and you are set up on a blind date with a person you barely know. After meeting the person and talking and spending the day together on a date, you find yourself starting to like him and would like a second date in the near future. However, since you barely know him and you don’t even know his background, you can’t help but become cautious. What if he was a criminal involved in human trafficking? What if he was on a blind date to kidnap women? I know you might think I watch too much crime series, but have you ever thought about this when you were on a blind date? I mean, sometimes we don’t fully know about our best friend, let alone a stranger! For that reason, social media has become the right platform to get to know someone better. Therefore, you go through social media and find him there interacting with his family and friends. At least now you know that the person you have met on your blind date is a real person with a real identity and a real reputation – no shady names, no shady backgrounds and no fakes as well as the fact that he is not a criminal. Now you know the roles of social media, right? If social media can do so much for personal purposes, imagine what can it do for business purposes? If you have a business, you might wonder if you really need to hire a social media specialist for your business. Well, before you decide, take these into your consideration. Keep reading to find out!

Employee vs social media specialist: who’s better for the job?

I know that sometimes it is tiring to hire someone else outside the company for the job rather than your employees who already know your company. However, think about it, who’s actually better for the job? In this part, I’m going to describe both advantages (+) and disadvantages (-) of having your employees manage your business social media account and hiring a social media specialist for the job.

  • Employees

(+) They are more familiar with your company cultures

(+) It is cost effective to have your employees manage social media for you

(+) They have a better understanding and knowledge on your company’s products

(-) They are not familiar with how social media works

(-) They have another task that needs to be prioritised before social media

(-) They may be inconsistent when it comes to posting because they have other tasks

  • Social media specialists

(+) They know what they are doing

(+) They have wide knowledge on social media and how it works

(+) They are focused on social media plans and strategies

(+) They can provide consistent social media content

(+) They will post content consistently

(+) They will attend to customers’ needs and respond fast

(+) They are familiar with social media advertisement

(+) They know how to target audience accurately with analysis

(+) They won’t be distracted by other tasks

(-) You may have to pay them more (it costs more than having your employees do it)

(-) They are not familiar with your company’s cultures

(-) They are not quite familiar with your products

(-) It may take some time until they get used to getting to know your company

One of the biggest mistakes any business owner can make is thinking that managing social media is a side job. No, it doesn’t work like that. In fact, social media is just like the other tasks in your company; it needs to be prioritised as well. For that reason, many companies arrange a special team for social media that includes graphic designer, videographer, content creator and social media specialists in the team working together with the same focus and purpose; social media. That being said, it doesn’t mean that other tasks in a business are not a priority. Everything in a business is a priority. The only difference is who makes that priority and who is better doing that priority. I have described all the advantages and disadvantages of both having your employees manage your social media account and hiring a social media specialist for the job. It’s your turn to make a decision. If you ask me, I would say hiring a social media specialist as your employee is the best decision. Although it may cost you more, it is going to be worth it. It is like investing, though. It may cost you at first but you gain more than what you have invested later. Well, it will only happen if you hire the right social media specialist, though. That being said, you know what you need, so it’s your call.