Making Business Matter: The Advantages of Setting Up a Facebook Group for Your Business

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Making Business Matter: The Advantages of Setting Up a Facebook Group for Your Business

Nowadays, businesses use social media to promote their business. In fact, most of them set up their customer service on social media to connect and engage more with their customers. Yes, it is even more effective to help customers via social media. As a person who provides social media services every day, I can say that the proper use of social media for business can bring so many benefits for business owners. Facebook, for example, is the huge social media networking platform that has been around for a long time and with its billion active users, businesses can also take opportunity with this. However, since the existence of Instagram, many users are more likely to be active on Instagram than on Facebook. So, can Facebook still be used for promoting business then? The answer is yes! How? It’s by setting up a Facebook group for business. If you are a business owner or someone who works in the marketing division, you may be familiar with marketing strategy that uses customer approach to increase chance of purchase decision. While Instagram is a better place to promote business when it comes to discovering photos, when it comes to announcing, it is not really effective because not everyone in your followers can see your announcements. Luckily, Facebook has another way to engage more with customers; Facebook group. If you own a small business, setting up a Facebook group for customer engagement is the right step for your business. Why? Find out the reasons in this article!

With Facebook group, you can offer clear value

One thing for sure, when it comes to business, your potential customers need to make sure that what you offer is valuable. While setting up an ad for your business is great for potential customer reach, too many ads and sponsored content may give the bad vibes for your audience. Why? That’s because audience online nowadays is constantly bombarded with sponsored content and ads, and this makes them trained when it comes to sniffing out what is genuine and what is a sales pitch. With Facebook group, however, you can create organic conversations around your topic of choice so that you can avoid ‘selling’ too much. Focus on delivering value instead of too much selling. Once your potential customers know your value, it will be easier to encourage purchase decision later.

Facebook group notifications will show up in your audience’s feed

There is a big difference between using a Facebook Group Page and the usual Facebook Business Page or even Instagram for Business. It is about how many of your posts show up in an average user’s feed. In fact, many of your followers may not see your posts and miss out on your announcements. Although there is a possibility that your followers turn on notifications for every post, there is no guarantee that all of your followers do the same. With Facebook group, however, all of your group members will get notified and your posts will even show up in their feed.

You can build trust through personal connections

Though social media is designed to reach more audience, what people see from you is only your company. The most important part of business is communication. When your customers need you, you have to be available for them and Facebook group allows you to communicate on another deeper level with your customers because you won’t miss out on your customers’ feedbacks because a group makes it easier for them to reach out to you. This will build trust and increase your company’s reliability as well as boost your company’s reputation.

Managing social media for business may not be as easy as managing social media for personal purpose. The key to running a successful Facebook Group Page is to engage people in meaningful discussions around topics they find relevant or interesting. Again, it comes back to finding a way to offer value to your members.