Smart Social Media: Never Ever Post These on Social Media as a Business Owner

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Smart Social Media: Never Ever Post These on Social Media as a Business Owner

Do you ever wonder how cunning online shops can get sometimes on social media? No, I’m not talking about all of them; it’s just some of them. As a person who provides social media services for clients’ business, I have always found things on social media done by ‘unique’ online shops that made me want to shake my head in disbelief that got me like, “What in God’s name is this guy doing?” Okay, let me tell you an example. I was once scrolling through Explore on Instagram and back then, Taylor-Kanye feud was all over the news, including social media. Some people even made memes out of it. However, something caught my eyes when I saw a post about Taylor and Kanye. Well, I know this was not something new, but I mean, come on! An online shop just commented on this post like this; “If you need breast enlargement, our shop has the most effective product for that. Slide into our DMs to get yours!” In all seriousness, how would people even consider this as marketing strategy? It is not the same as link building at all – it’s more like spam. If you want to engage in conversation on social media as a business profile, then by all means, engage! Don’t use spam and don’t be in marketing mode saying stuff about your products. When it comes to commenting on social media, we have to be genuinely involved with real conversation. However, setting aside commenting, if you are a business owner, there are things that you cannot post on social media as a business profile aside from purposely commenting commercial stuff on random posts, especially these ones. What are they? Keep reading to find out!

Politics and religion

Politics and religion are two of the most sensitive topics in the world. Since both topics are sensitive, many people argue and fight a lot about it even on social media. Some even curse at each other. For that reason, you should never ever think of including politics and religion in your posts no matter how trending the topics are at the moment. Unless you know what you are doing, never ever touch this area for conversation on your social media posts. Do this only if you are well-resourced with knowledge and updated news and make sure it is relevant to what your social media page is about. If your social media page represents your restaurant business, then why would you bother posting about politics and religion?

All about you, all the time

I know you’ve got a big sale going in this month and it is important for your audience to see. However, no one needs to hear about it repeatedly. Just like how tiring it is to see your friends’ endless Instagram stories until they form into little dots that you want skip through, it is also tiring to see all post only about you and what your company is up to. Instead of endlessly rambling on your product discounts all day, start posting something more useful for your audience. For example, if you have a skincare business, you can share fun facts about skincare or skincare tips for your audience.


Negative stuff happens on social media and it is natural for businesses to encounter negative situation either with competitors or even with their customers (usually ‘hit and run’ customers). It’s okay; it happens a lot. What is not okay is posting and exposing those situations for others to see. Unless it harms your business reputation that it requires clarifications, don’t bother posting it. It will only harm your reputation and make others not want to be involved with you anymore. Just like the saying goes; you are what you post.

Managing social media accounts for business is not as simple as managing social media accounts for personal purposes. Your business social media profile represents your whole company and your products. Therefore, act wisely and know when to post. Need further help for social media? Feel free to contact us now and let our team help you.