Manage with Style: Social Media Strategy for Fashion Brands

social media tips for fashion brand
Manage with Style: Social Media Strategy for Fashion Brands

A business, no matter how big and famous already, still needs social media. Why? That’s because life is a never ending platform for timeless improvement where everything will constantly change for the better and if a business can’t keep up with the change, it won’t survive this somewhat harsh world. For that reason, many business owners use social media as a part of their marketing strategies. Well, at first, social media was intended for well, social activities that include communicating and interacting with family and friends. However, as time goes by, the use of social media has been, let’s say, more versatile. Businesses nowadays use social media to grow more audience. Victoria’s Secret is also one of them. As a notable big name fashion and beauty brand, Victoria’s Secret still uses social media to grow more audience. That being said, it is not always about gaining more audience. Sometimes social media (even for business) is also about giving inspirations and maintaining communication between businesses and their customers as well as potential customers. Big fashion brand like Victoria’s Secret or even Zara also knows it well and that’s why they set their roles on social media well. After conducting a research on those fashion brands, we came up with solutions for those who have started fashion brands but don’t know how to handle social media yet. Are you one of them? If yes, keep reading to learn more!

Say, you’ve got your own small fashion brand and you wanted to grow your business through social media. Well, in this article, you can find out how. But first, let’s say benefits! I meant the benefits of social media and why you should use it for your fashion brand:

  • Social media helps you connect with your customers and potential customers
  • Social media helps you grow your audience
  • Social media increases your business credibility
  • Social media increases your brand awareness

Now that you know the gist of its benefits, let’s get to the good (and the main) part!

“Look Book” is the “Hook Book”

Fashion is about looks. Just like fashion’s most famous slogan “Dress to impress”, you should also ‘dress’ your social media page to ‘impress’ your target audience. Yes, a look book doesn’t always depend solely on catalogues or website; you can create your own “look book” on your social media page. This allows your audience to get fashion inspirations and see more from your fashion products. Also, consistent content with consistent timing for some outfit of the day will increase your target audience’s curiosity. This curiosity will keep them loyal to your brand and your brand’s social media page.

Choose the right hashtags

Unless you have millions of social media followers, you still need hashtags to reach more audience. Even if you’ve got million followers, you still need to start your own hashtags too to make your post reach more specifically targeted audience. Even so, not all hashtags can cut out to be included in fashion related posts. Therefore, use ones that are relevant. These can be used as your references:

  1. #Fashion
  2. #Style
  3. #OOTD
  4. #InstaFashion
  5. #Vintage
  6. #FashionBlogger
  7. #Fashionista
  8. #StreetStyle
  9. #Stylish
  10. #InstaStyle
  11. #LookBook
  12. #OutfitOfTheDay
  13. #LookOfTheDay
  14. #FashionWeek
  15. #Fashionable
  16. #FashionDiaries
  17. #FashionBlog
  18. #FashionStyle
  19. #FashionPost
  20. #FashionGram
  21. #StyleBlog
  22. #StreetWear
  23. #WhatIWore
  24. #Trend
  25. #WIW
  26. #WIWT
  27. #Look
  28. #FashionAddict
  29. #FashionLover
  30. #OutfitPost
  31. #FashionDaily
  32. #FashionStylist
  33. #StyleInspiration
  34. #Trendsetter
  35. #HowToStyle
  36. #Vintage
  37. #BohemianLook
  38. #BohoChic
  39. #Grunge
  40. #HippieGirls
  41. #FlowerChild
  42. #Minimalist
  43. #DressedUp
  44. #Couture
  45. #UrbanStyle
  46. #OutfitInspo
  47. #Clothes
  48. #HighFashion
  49. #CurrentlyWearing
  50. #Neutrals
  51. #Stripes
  52. #CasualStyle
  53. #CasualOutfit
  54. #Comfy
  55. #StyleOfTheDay
  56. #OutfitGoals

…and many more. Remember; use the relevant ones for your posts.

Be helpful for your audience

Like I said before, social media is not all about showcasing your products and growing more audience from that. It is also about helping your audience find what they are looking for. Be attentive and helpful in case someone needs your help with the order or product inquiries. If you help them, they will appreciate it and it will increase your fashion brand’s credibility and reliability.

Showcase your buyers’ mentions on your products

Yes, social media can also be the platform for a show off. People nowadays like to mention and tag some brands’ names for their social media posts in which they are seen wearing the brands’ products. While big brands don’t bother about this, you can. If someone mentions or tags your social media account in one of their posts, re-posting it will be the best move because that way you can prove it to people that your brand is not a scam that many users have bought from your brand. Aside from that, this can also be one of the ways you can do to appreciate those who put their trust in your brand to buy from you.

Managing social media can be tough if you only use it for your benefits. You should remember that your fashion brand exists to help your audience style themselves and make them more charming with your fashion style. Having a business means having the thought of solving people’s problems using what your business has to offer. If you have this mindset, everything you do on social media for your business will go smoothly.