Small Business Success 101: Powerful Tips on How to Expand Your Small Business

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Small Business Success 101: Powerful Tips on How to Expand Your Small Business

When I was younger, I was spoiled to no end until one day, it simply ended. From then on, it was so hard to move but then it became easier later. The point is; we get really used to every day routine and habits – the comfort zone, without realising that we have to get out of our comfort zone sooner or later and only then will we finally grow. However, that is actually the hardest part. Moving from being comfortable to trying to get used to the new pace is the hardest part of our struggle. That’s why many business owners still don’t want to make a move and they choose to stay in the same spot. That being said, there are also many business owners who choose to take risks and consequences to expand their business and many of them even succeed. Are you a business owner who is looking to expand your business but still in doubt because you are afraid to take risks? Don’t worry; I wrote this article especially for you! Keep reading to learn more!

As a person who works at a creative agency that provides SEO services, my job is to help clients make their vision a reality, including expanding their business. In this article, I’m going to tell you the ways to expand your business carefully.

Develop a company culture

A strong company culture is what makes your small business succeed because it brings consistent goals and missions to your company. To start with your company culture, ask these questions:

  • For what purpose does your company exist?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What does your company believe in?
  • What are your company values?
  • What is your company’s vision?

When employees feel connected to your company, they will most likely stick to your side even through uncertain times because you have consistent values and strong vision to expand your business. Therefore, keep being consistent and fair. Not only will this increase the possibility of your employees’ loyalty to your company, this will also connect your business to your target audience. Remember, happy employees mean happy customers.

Build brand awareness and easy recognition

Yeah, you may get tired of this “build brand awareness” thing because marketers often say they would build brand awareness without being aware of how challenging it is to build awareness in this era. While I also know that building brand awareness is not as easy as what it seems, branding itself starts with the efforts to be recognised – the easy recognition. One of the ways to build recognition is by designing a unique logo for your company that can represent your business as well as differentiate your business from other companies from the same industry. How do you know if your brand logo is easily recognisable? Try imagining the McDonald’s logo. Imagine the logo is pictured in a silhouette by simply ‘stripping it off’ from its colours. Do you still recognise the McDonald’s logo without its colours? Yes, that can only mean that we cannot simply forget McDonald’s logo, right? A good logo is the one that is simple and unforgettable that even without colours, it can still be recognised.

Hire the right people

A good company consists of good people, and they are the right people the company ever hires. I remember my boss hiring someone compulsively. It was such a sunny day, we were working as usual in the office when suddenly, a man we never knew before showed up and he said he was hired by the boss. We saw no interview appointments and no hiring process at all. After the boss confirmed that he was telling the truth, we couldn’t help getting worried about his reliability. Soon after that, the man disappeared and never came back, leaving his responsibilities behind without informing anything to us. A good employee is hired through fair and detailed process so that you get to know their personality first before hiring them.

When it comes to expanding a business, it is not only about developing company cultures, building brand awareness, as well as hiring the right people, but it is also about being loyal to your customers. Expanding your business doesn’t only mean trying to widen your income source, but it also means staying loyal to your customers so that they believe your business exists to provide what they need. When you understand this concept, expanding a business will not be a problem for you.