How to Manage Social Media as an Introverted Business Owner

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How to Manage Social Media as an Introverted Business Owner

We all are born with different kinds of behaviours. If you are into psychology, you might be familiar with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test that basically divides us into 16 personalities. Those 16 personalities have two different demeanours that reflect someone’s tendency to prefer to be around with people or the tendency to be more reserved and more private – the extroverted and the introverted. There is nothing wrong with being one of them. Now that technology is growing, social media is invented to make the two of them meet. Yes, even introverted people are also using social media to communicate and interact with their friends and family. However, social media can be intimidating when it comes to business. When you are using social media for business, not only are you faced with your competitors’ business social media account, but you are also challenged with your ability to deal with people. Sometimes that can be challenging enough for introverted business owners. If you are an introverted business leader who has to use social media for your company when there is no one else available for you at the moment, then I hope this article will be helpful for you.

Keep it simple

Sure it can be tough managing social media when you don’t really want to be too much exposed to the world, especially when you have to engage and interact directly with customers to build your brand and promote your business. However, there is another way to post on your social media without having to post selfies or pictures of your daily work too often. You can keep it simple by sharing pictures, retweeting comments (if you are using Twitter), or articles you find interesting and relevant to your business. You don’t need to keep up with other people while being uncomfortable about it. You can be yourself and you can share other helpful things that are interesting. After all, interaction with your customers or potential customers is your priority.

Organise relevant content

You don’t always have to post brand new content every single day and you don’t always have to post all about yourself – it doesn’t have to be too personal. If your website has a blog and you post articles regularly, you can use that for your social media. For example, if you have just published your blog posts, you can share it on your social media business account. This can not only increase your brand awareness, it can also generate more traffic to your website.

Display your customers

With your social media presence, you can actually have the opportunity to display your satisfied customers or clients, of course with their permission. This method can not only increase your business reliability, but it can also boost your values. You can start sharing their stories and how your business helps them with your services or products. Also, showcasing your customers and how they are happy with your services or products can improve how your potential customers see your business.

Show what your team is working on

You don’t have to be the face of your business all the time and you don’t always have to hire celebrities or social media influencers as well. Your team can be the face of your company. You can highlight the project your team is working on and you can show people how enthusiastic and serious your team is when it comes to working and providing the best results both for the company and the clients or the customers. Sharing your company’s culture in terms of togetherness, solidarity and values, not only in work but also in friendship can improve your company’s reliability.

Encourage people through social media

Even though it is only in words, sometimes a picture with a life-changing quote can also change your life. We never know somewhere out there someone is suffering and fighting and that single quote can actually do something for them indirectly. Regardless of what your business is about, you can never go wrong with posting motivational quotes on your social media page every once in a while. Don’t underestimate the power of words. Although words can be the root of misunderstanding, when you use it properly, it can become your power.

Managing social media can be tough even for an extroverted person as well. However, when you truly want to grow your business, you should put big efforts for your marketing strategy. Being an introverted person is not a bad thing, not even for social media. You can do your best in managing your business social media with your own way.