Your Biggest Content Marketing Challenges, Now Solved

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Your Biggest Content Marketing Challenges, Now Solved

Marketing has always been every business’ challenge when it comes to finding more real paying customers. While humans are born with instinct and brain, not all are capable of being creative and having the skills for ‘persuading’ other people. If you are a business owner or a marketing staff, you must be familiar with how marketing works, right? Yes, marketing requires the ability to master the language of persuading other people to take final action when they are visiting your business; purchase your product. For that reason, many business owners and their marketing staff always discuss to produce great content marketing strategy. However, let me tell you this; no matter how great your content marketing strategy is, if you can’t solve your biggest challenge when carrying out that marketing strategy, it will get you nowhere. Don’t worry, though, because I’m here for a reason; to tell you how to solve your biggest challenge in content marketing through this article. Keep reading to find out!

Creative blocks

As a creative writer, the biggest challenge that makes me frustrated is when I’ve got creative block. It is potentially career-damaging, really. Not to mention, I hate it when I’m not creative. The problem is; this happens to anyone, including you and your marketing staff. If you are not always doing something new to reinvigorate your spirit, you are bound to be lazy in the long run and worse, your passion will die down. Business needs constant creativity to succeed so you can’t afford having your passion died down. There are ways for you and your staff to handle it if this happens:

  • Take a break for a while from work and go to somewhere nice to chill
  • Listen to classical music
  • Eat good food. It is okay to eat food that you like, but eating clean and healthy food is better
  • Go to spa on the weekend or do things that make you relax
  • Find inspirations from creative videos or films

Well, I’m not trying to make you skip work, but I’m telling you that a relaxed mind helps you clear your mind from mind blocks that are hindering you from thinking creatively. Have you ever argued with a friend and lost the argument because you couldn’t come up with good comebacks only to come up with one when you are in the shower? Yes, that’s because when you are in the shower, your brain is more relaxed and more open to ideas instead of being pressured to make ideas.

Budget limit, no time

This has always been the biggest issue when it comes to running a business; budget and time. Sometimes you have the budget but have so little of time and vice versa, or worse, you don’t have both. When we are planning for something, it is always set with a deadline. Aside from that, budget is also the problem that becomes the obstacle of your success. Let me tell you this real life example. A friend of mine has been working at a new cosmetic company for 3 years. This new cosmetic company, despite being established for 3 years, does not show any sign of success because not many people recognise the brand. My friend offered the company a very good idea about creating an interesting video advertisement as well as how the concept should be. However, the manager said, “No, that’s far beyond our budget. We don’t have many employees and props to achieve that and we have to launch this new product soon. Can you get as many leads as possible?” My friend, getting irritated, replied, “How am I supposed to get many leads if you don’t even want to reach many people?” Well, I understand that you have budget and you are eager to launch something new, but your content is your best investment you could ever make, because your content quality determines your business success. High quality content can attract your target audience’s interest and increase the chance of them deciding to buy your products. I know you may not want to risk your money, but a successful business owner knows there will be risks but they are determined to take it because they aspire to make big efforts to succeed. Yes, big effort equals big success and small effort equals small chance of success.

Increasing competition

Competition is something inevitable when it comes to business. There will always be more competitors in the same industry and as time goes by, the number will increase. A good business never backs down just because of this fact. Content marketing strategy exists in order to differentiate your business from other businesses in the same industry. Once you acknowledge this, brainstorm ideas with your employees to create magnificent content.

With all the ups and downs in business, there is one factor that determines your business success; your efforts. No matter how good your content is, if it is not integrated with big efforts, your business won’t make it. That being said, risks and consequences are natural in the business world. Your job is to keep up with the world and be determined about it.