The Surprising Reason Why You Should Take a Break from Your Company Once in a While

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The Surprising Reason Why You Should Take a Break from Your Company Once in a While

I have been working for years at a creative agency that requires me to be creative and ready to prepare for high quality content every day. It is a priority for me to do good jobs for our clients because our agency provides SEO services to grow our clients’ business. However, as much as I’m grateful for having the ability to be creative, sometimes I feel like taking a break. Creativity comes with both good and bad outcomes. While it is a pleasure to share my creativity with my work, sometimes I feel the pressure coming from people’s expectation. I just don’t want to let them down, but deep down inside, I know I should relax and find a way to help my brain rest a bit. So I decided to take a break from the agency by requesting for a 10-day leave and going to a vacation. When I returned, I felt surprisingly different and it affected my work in a better way. I’m only an employee but the result of my break was absolutely wonderful. If you are a business owner, let me give you a piece of advice; you need to take a break from your company every once in a while. Why? Keep reading to find out!

A relaxed mind for creativity

Have you ever wondered why you are so full of ideas when you are taking a shower or a bath? You were angry at your friends but didn’t come up with some counter-attacks during your argument with them, but when you were taking a bath you were suddenly brimming with ideas and good comebacks that you were like, “Oh, why didn’t I think about it back then?” Yes, it’s because when you are taking a bath or a shower, your body is (even without you realising it) much more relaxed than your neutral condition during activities. When your body is relaxed, your mind and brain are relaxed too, which can help you produce more insights and ideas. Being a business owner can sometimes put much pressure on your brain because you have to keep up with your competitors and be creative to solve problems and find more ideas, if you take a break, you are allowing your brain to take a rest and be ready to receive more information and ideas.

Opportunities for both your self-growth and your employees

Taking a break from your own company can be beneficial for both you and your employees. When you are taking some time alone, you will have a chance to get to know yourself better and understand yourself as a whole. Meditating, for example, is a simple way to make peace with your mind. When you return, you will feel a lot of changes that you might never feel before. You learn how to love yourself and you also learn how to pamper yourself. When you love yourself, you are reliable to provide services and products for your audience. The same applies to your employees. When you are not there for a while, you are indirectly teaching your employees how to take responsibilities and run the business in your absence. This will surely improve your employees work and help them achieve more professionality for the job.

Full of energy

When employees sometimes complain about having to work from 9 to 5, who says a business owner doesn’t feel that way too? Just like us who work daily from hours to hours, business owners are busy too and don’t get me wrong, their responsibility is much bigger than you think. First, they have to deal with lazy employees who won’t cooperate well in their work. Second, business owners have to deal with complaints from customers. Not to mention if anything bad happens, they have to face the risks and consequences. Who says business owners have nothing to worry about? This can also lead them to exhaustion. For that reason, taking a break is the best choice. When you return after your break, you will find yourself more energised and fresh.

When you achieve the positive outcomes I have mentioned above, you will feel better and more focused. You can make good decision with a clear mind and you can make better plan and execution of that plan for your business strategy with great and inspiring ideas as well as solutions. After all, taking a break for a few days won’t make your business fall into bankruptcy. Rather, you will feel less pressured and ready to shine again.