Small Business 101: Mobile SEO Tips for Small Business

Mobile SEO tips
Small Business 101: Mobile SEO Tips for Small Business

Almost all of businesses from different industries nowadays have their own websites to help them grow their businesses. There are many factors that make a website useful for business. Aside from increasing business online visibility, a website can also provide useful information about the business that can increase its reliability and reputation, making it more possible to turn potential customers into real paying customers. For that reason, many business owners hire creative agencies to do SEO services for them. Why SEO? Here’s an example for you to make it easier to understand the purpose. You are a business owner selling bags and shoes. In order for your business to succeed, first you need someone to buy your bags or shoes. The problem is; there are already many businesses that sell bags and shoes just like you do. Also, you are new in the business world, so how can you find people who want to buy your products more effectively? SEO is the answer. SEO helps optimise your website business, so when your target audience types what they want to buy with certain keywords and it happens to be your bags and shoes, search engines will make both your business and your target audience meet. With this mind, business owners start hiring developers and designers to create and build their business website. That being said, having a website is not the only consideration every business owner needs to take. Having a website comes with different parts that also need attention. The most important one can be seen from mobile perspective. We are living in a world where almost everything can be accessed through mobile phone. People nowadays want to get anything easy and fast, so they always do any task even on the go. For that reason, it is advisable for many business owners to prioritise mobile optimisation during the process of SEO with their SEO specialists. In this article, I’m going to give you some tips on mobile SEO for your small business. Keep reading this article to find out.

Site speed is a must

Slow loading page can also happen during exploring your website via mobile phone; however, it isn’t only that, page loading speed is one of SEO factors that is very important for mobile users. When pages take longer to load on mobile devices, most of us (me included) would not always be willing to wait, right? Slow loading site will usually cause people to leave your website immediately even after waiting for 5 seconds; therefore, your website will likely lose visitors and get penalised by Google. In order to keep your website stable, make sure you reduce the size of images and any other features on your website as well as regularly checking or testing your website on mobile devices.

High quality content

Having a blog on a business website is a good step to make your website is more effective. However, the content on your website also matters. In fact, it is the most important part. Content on your blog should have the ideal length and patterns because it will determine whether or not your website will rank well. According to conventional wisdom, longer content should at least contain 1,000 words in order to get ranked well, especially if the content is engaging with mobile users. However, actually, you should vary your content length to get better results. Pieces that are longer are suitable for SEO, but shorter pieces between 250 and 500 words can attract varied audience.

Avoid using Flash

While using Flash may entertain your website visitors with its visual elements, Flash is kind of SEO’s frenemy. It gives beauty to the site, but is actually not SEO friendly that makes it difficult for Google to index it, especially for mobile devices. Therefore, avoid using Flash on your website.

Browsing through mobile device is more efficient nowadays and your website shouldn’t make it difficult for users to access. Therefore, make sure you consult to your SEO specialist before making any decision. SEO is not something complicated, yet it is not that simple either. However, if you know what you have to do and what you have to prioritise first, your business is on the right path.