Easy and Affordable Social Media Marketing Tips for Reseller

Social media tips for reseller
Easy and Affordable Social Media Marketing Tips for Reseller

To be honest with you, I have always been interested in selling beauty products. I didn’t mean building my own factory and setting up my own brand. That’s still a long way to go to reach there and I believe I can reach that. However, for now, I’m fine with just being a reseller as long as it is about beauty stuff. Why? That’s because I love sharing beauty care with other people. I love it when I get to help people achieve flawless looking skin. I always aspire to have a job where I’m doing something I love and beauty talk is something I love. When I saw my friend building her own skincare business and becoming successful as well as gaining more and more audience on her business social media, I came to think, maybe I should be a reseller and sell beauty stuff that I can share my skincare stories and help people find the right skincare for their skin, so I went to my friend and asked him to be my business partner. From that experience, I would like to share with you how I do my simple and affordable social media marketing strategy as a reseller. Keep reading to find out!

Know that a reseller’s business is still a business brand

The biggest mistake a reseller often makes is to think and sell like a reseller. Sure you are a reseller, but a reseller is still considered as a business owner. A business is where you, as a reseller, sell your products to your customers. Therefore, treat your reselling business as a real business, which means you still have to prepare for your branding, starting from logo design, stationery (if any), brand identity, website, even to social media marketing.

Write a blog

Before joining social media, make sure you have enough audience through blogging. Blogging is another way to not only promote your business, but also help people understand your business and your products or services. Moreover, it’s free and simple. As long as you find a way to communicate with your customers so they get to know you, blogging is fine.

Start social media

Once you get enough audience, start social media for your business. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, it may depend on your business. Conduct a research first and choose which platform is suitable for your business type. When you are done creating your business social media account, make sure you let your current customers know about it through…

Email newsletter

Email newsletter allows you to reach out to your current customers and let them know what you are up to. When you have current customers and they follow you on social media, it helps build your brand awareness and reliability. Also, this way can make you keep good relationship with your current customers and potential customers.

Create giveaway contest

Giveaways contest is a good way to promote your business as it gives you chance to be recognised by other people who have no idea about your business because this is how it works:

  • Post an announcement that tells your audience about your giveaway contest
  • Ask them to tag or mention 3 (or more) of their friends
  • Ask them to follow you on your social media
  • Start your own specific hashtag that denotes your contest
  • Use other hashtags to gain more audience

Giveaway contest allows you to “introduce” yourself to your followers’ friends. Make sure you make your social media feeds neat and orderly arranged because this will determine if your new followers will stay or unfollow you once the giveaway contest is over.

Ask your real life friends to review your products

As the start of your social media journey, you can ask your real life friends to help you with their honest reviews of your products by giving them your products for free. That way, there are two things that you can gain: more interested audience and your friends as well. If your friends like your products, next they will buy your products and recommend your brand to their friends even without you asking again.

Share relevant content on your social media

One of the common mistakes a reseller could make is sharing content that is not relevant to their business. I know other topics or hashtags are sometimes more popular especially those latest gossips and you might hope you will increase more audience to your page by adding something juicy to your page with some popular hashtags. However, while you might get more followers easily, I can’t guarantee that it will last longer. Also, it will be bad for your business if you keep it up.

That’s how you manage your business social media profile more effectively but still in a more affordable way. You don’t have to immediately pay a popular social media influencer yet, just go with the flow of your own social media marketing strategy. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need an influencer, but you need to make sure you can support it with your budget. In the meantime, do what you can do.