It’s March Already, but These Should Be Your Best Resolutions for Your Small Business in 2019

New Year resolution
It’s March Already, but These Should Be Your Best Resolutions for Your Small Business in 2019

I know it’s kind of late to ask this, but what is your New Year resolution? Do you wish for more prosperity this year? Or do you wish for more opportunity for your business? As a person who works for a creative agency that provides SEO services to grow business, my resolution for this year is simple; I would like everything I have done and will do for my clients to work well. I’m not going to sugarcoat this nor am I going to wish for anything big; just seeing everything works well should be just fine. For a business owner or someone who works in the marketing field like you, I’m sure you’ve set your eyes on opportunities to grow your company, right? Alright, let me help you get your resolutions straight so that you can focus on preparing and making something big for your company. After all, a resolution is only a set of words if not done without actions. Keep reading this article to find out!

Invest in your digital marketing

As time goes by, we should admit that regular advertising is dead. With so many competitors in the same industry and so many improvements on technology, many things are often done (and found) online nowadays. Of course, it goes without saying; a business should have a website in order to increase online visibility. Why? According to the Digital 2019 report by HootSuite and We Are Social, the average internet user spends more than a quarter of their life on the World Wide Web. Also, according to the same report, time spent online is an average of 6 hours and 42 minutes each day whereas mobile devices remain to be a popular mode for connecting to the digital world. For that reason, you might seldom see advertisements in the old newspapers anymore. With this in mind, investing in digital marketing is the right move any business can do. Although you may have to spend money on this, especially if you are thinking of hiring an SEO specialist to help you with your digital marketing, investing in digital marketing will get you ROI more than you can imagine. Therefore, optimising your website and creating high quality content for your digital marketing should be your New Year’s top priority. Instead of wishing for “I would like more people to find my business”, wish for “this year, I am going to invest myself and my money in digital marketing and get ROIs from that.”

Build your social presence

You might think a website is enough for your business – wrong. Not everyone can find your website immediately from Google search results. Another way to find your website is through social platforms a.k.a social media. You might have an official account on Facebook or Instagram for your business; however, this is not just about having a social media presence; it is about building your company’s social media presence. This is also not about how many followers and likers you’ve got on social media; this is about how you interact and communicate with your followers. Therefore, your resolution for 2019 is not about “reach 20.000 followers this year”, but it is more about “get closer with followers and make them understand you.”

Re-purpose good customer service

This whole thing called automated system may have made things easier when it comes to customer service, but not when we’re talking about your relationship with customers. The first thing to keep in mind is to improve your customer service. Ask for review to keep tabs on the situation. If you have got reviews last year, learn from the mistake and learn from your most unhappy customers. Therefore, your resolution is not “I will get things done quickly.” Instead, go for “I would like to improve my business customer service and dedicate myself to provide better service for my customers, both current and potential ones.”

Many people build their dreams through their strong resolutions each year. However, many people are also afraid to pursue their dreams that their resolutions may end up being just a nonsense written paper. If you wish to succeed, first create a mindset, next find resolutions and then act on it instead of just dreaming of it.