Ways to Get Creative with IG TV for Your Business

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Ways to Get Creative with IG TV for Your Business

We used to watch news and everything on TV only. Even years before that, we could only listen to the news. Not that I have experienced the only-radio era though, my parents told me everything about their era’s technology. Now in the more well-improved technology, we can all watch things straight from our mobile phone and even our PC. YouTube is one of the biggest American video-sharing websites where people from all over the world can watch straight from their mobile phone, laptop and PC. Well, that’s YouTube for you, but what if, we could watch movies and anything like we watch on YouTube, on Instagram? Is that even possible to watch videos like YouTube videos on a social media platform? The answer is yes! With upgraded and more polished quality, new features on Instagram allow you to upload videos, YouTube style! It is known as InstagramTV or IGTV in short. Now what are the benefits of using IGTV feature for Instagram users? From a user perspective, IGTV gives a new light to spark the video’s beauty and quality that makes it enjoyable to watch. But from a business perspective, IGTV is very beneficial when it comes to improving and increasing brand awareness. However, just uploading a video without a content plan is just the same as uploading a video for a regular post, which means, the video will not give values or ROI for a business. If you are a business owner, it is important for you to be creative for the video content. So, how to be creative with IGTV for business? Keep reading to find out!

Create content plan for every new videos

Before making a video, first you have to create the content plan for each video. A good quality video requires inspiring or entertaining content as well as a good directing. Therefore, uploading a video without clear directing and plan will make it seem to be reckless and messy. Also, it will decrease the change of engagement and interaction with audience.

Make use of previously published video content

Old content can never get old – sometimes. Well, as long as you get creative with your content, nothing is old, and that’s why IGTV is there – to provide the perfect opportunity to reuse your old but popular video content and make it different. When you make use of your previous video content, you can get the opportunity to reach new audience. Whether you want to “retouch” your previous content or take it as it is, both are still effective as long as the content is engaging, interactive and entertaining.

Make how-to or tutorial videos

Tutorial or how-to videos are now accessible on Instagram! Yes, just like watching tutorial videos on YouTube, right? And yes, they are easier to access. When you are viewing a video in someone’s IGTV, you can immediately see the other video choices they have uploaded for you to see below the video you are viewing. Of course you can make it disappear so you can just focus on watching the current video you are watching just by clicking anywhere you want as long as you don’t click the other videos.

If you own a cosmetics business, making how-to or tutorial videos is the best way to “have a conversation” with your customers or potential customers. Tutorial videos can help your customers or potential customers get a better understanding of your products’ functions and your business as well. Also, it will help encourage your viewers for purchasing decisions.

Create inspiring or motivational videos

Inspiring and motivational videos will not only gain attention from your viewers and increase your brand awareness; they are also helpful and encouraging for your viewers as well. They can be motivated by your videos and depending on how good your content quality is, they will come back for more of your videos.

Make a video for a cause

If you are a non-profit organisation trying to raise awareness for fund raising for a social cause or charity, creating a video content about your cause and uploading it to your IGTV is the right step to help you gain more viewers and possible prospective contributors who also want to contribute to your cause. However, since this may be a sensitive topic, you need to be careful when creating a content plan for a video like this.

There are actually many more ways to be creative with IGTV that can take in many forms, but the key point in making IGTV videos lies in the content itself. Many people can make thousands of similar videos, but only some can make the videos more meaningful using their creativity in the content. If your business needs a boost in content creativity and social media, do not hesitate to contact us now and let our team help you with that.