The FIT Tips: Business Social Media Tips for Every Platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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The FIT Tips: Business Social Media Tips for Every Platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Almost all of us are engaging on social media accounts. Most of us are even absorbed in it too much that there is not a day gone by without social media. Well, maybe I am too much absorbed in using Instagram as well even though I don’t often check on my Facebook account and even have abandoned my Twitter account. However, when we talk about business, it is a whole different story. It is not a secret that social media influence in the world of entrepreneurship has been recognised. There are many people in the business world use social media for their business. Why? The reason is simple; social media has so many users around the world and it is easier to reach them than using traditional marketing. However, social media has many platforms. The popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let’s call it FIT for short. Many businesses have been using FIT accounts as part of their online marketing strategy. However, not many of them can know how to deliver the right social media strategy for each platform because indeed, each platform is simply different, and different strategies must be applied. Don’t worry; we have some FIT tips for you to develop great social media marketing strategy for these social media platforms that will be helpful for you if you have a business or you are currently managing social media accounts for the company. Keep reading to find out!


“Every business in every industry needs to be on Facebook,” a Facebook Ad Expert and Marketing Strategist named Meliss Jakubovic says. Even though recent reports said that youngsters are gradually leaving Facebook, businesses still need Facebook to increase their online presence. There are things you can do to grow your social media presence in terms of Facebook:

  • Start video marketing

When you are scrolling down on Facebook feeds, you should be familiar with video shares that your friends are sharing from an official page, right? I have seen some of my friends sharing a video from this cute official fan page on Facebook featuring cute dogs in a fun activity with their owner. I have also seen my friends sharing some movie trailers from their official fan page. Yes, that is called video marketing. Many people in the business world are getting creative with their video marketing strategy. They even make creative promotional videos with humour and fun added in them. It is important to know how video can affect and evoke emotions from viewers. The more interesting your video, the more shares you get, which can result in getting more leads.

  • Use paid promotion to promote your content

Facebook has so many users, but not many can see your content easily. Also, there is just one problem for this; you might share your content to the wrong people. Your target audience is the people who need your products, so your content should be seen by your target. It would be a waste if your content promotion is only seen by those who don’t need it. For that reason, paid promotion on Facebook exists and it is not just your regular paid promotion. Facebook Ads will find the right audience based on what they are frequently searching on the internet. When you are using Facebook Ads, your content will be visible to those who might need your products and will reach to as many people as possible, because it targets specific audiences, which can provide the highest return on your investment (ROI).


It is not uncommon knowledge that Instagram is popular in its own right. With more than 1 billion active users, Instagram is said to have engagement 10x higher than Facebook and 84x higher than Twitter, which means, Instagram has a more engaged audience than any other social media platform. For that reason, many business owners especially those in fashion and cosmetics industry have included their business in the world of social media on Instagram. In order to succeed on Instagram, you should:

  • Convert to a business account

One thing that people often make mistake on social media is that they fail to notice the difference between personal accounts and business accounts. The truth is; there are features that you can’t use on personal account. When you convert to Instagram for business, you will be given access to analytics, so you can monitor and improve results. Also, your profile layout will change with the addition of a contact button, making it easier for your target audience to contact you.

  • Focus on your target audience

When we are using a personal account, it is like, “Oh, I post what I want to post.” However, when you are using a business account, your content is no longer yours to judge. You have to focus on your target audience, make sure they can enjoy your content while being interested in what you offer. Engage and interact more with them too, so you can increase your business credibility as well.

  • Make use of hashtags properly

Hashtags are used on Instagram to get you noticed by those who might need your products or services. People search through hashtags for a reason. For example, if I want to buy a cheap shirt on Instagram, I would search this hashtag: #Cheapclothesforsale or something related. Surely, your audience would think the same if they want a product you are selling. Therefore, hashtags are needed when you want to reach to audience that is looking for your products.


Well, who doesn’t like to tweet? Even though I am now not using Twitter again, I did learn so many things from Twitter. Many businesses also use Twitter to interact with their followers. However, not little of them make mistakes in using Twitter for their business. Therefore, if you want to succeed in managing your Twitter business account, do these steps:

  • Don’t share links too often

A study once has stated that tweets without links get better results and engagement than those with ones. When you tweet without link, you will be more focused on interacting with your audience instead of too much promoting.

  • Use the right hashtag

When it comes to hashtag, of course it is different when you use it on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram allows you to add up to 30 hashtags per post, while Twitter is limited due to the limit in words per tweet. Therefore, use the right hashtag and make sure it is relevant to your business. Depending on the words, you can choose 1 up to 2 hashtags.

…and that’s how you manage the FIT social media platforms. If you keep good communication and interaction with your customers on social media, you will increase your business credibility. After all, a good business is not only about being successful, but also about good communication with customers.