Share How You Care: The Right Way to Grow Your Skincare Business on Instagram

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Share How You Care: The Right Way to Grow Your Skincare Business on Instagram

Almost all business owners are aware that social media is an important tool for building relationships with their existing and potential customers, increasing brand awareness as well as improving their business online presence. Even if it is a small business, a business should at least do social media efforts to reach their target audience. I have seen many small business owners create social media accounts to interact with their target audience. Maybe we have seen big brands making their own social media page – it is a common thing. I mostly follow skincare or make-up related social media accounts, but here’s the thing; I don’t always follow big brands like Maybelline, L’Oréal, or even YSL. The truth is; I’m more interested with small skincare business’ Instagram account. Why? That’s because they have their own interesting way to represent their business on Instagram. Even though their followers are not as many as the big brands have, they are really focused on engaging and interacting more with their audience, and indeed, their followers are not just followers – they are customers who build their relationships with the small company. Based on my observation on those small skincare businesses on Instagram, I have formed ideas for creating a good strategy to grow skincare business on Instagram. Are you a skincare business owner looking to grow your business on Instagram? Keep reading this article to find your answer!

Build your brand

When you start using Instagram for your business, you might think that displaying your products as your Instagram profile picture is the right way – it is not. What you should display as a profile picture on your business Instagram page is your brand logo. Therefore, before you start your own business, you should first build your branding strategy. Hire a designer to help you create your logo – the unique logo that represents your business and this logo will be the one displayed as your profile picture. Even though you own a small business, never think small. Even a small business still needs a logo. You never know someday it will be bigger.

Take high quality photos

Small businesses often have problems with props, thinking that it is too early for big efforts. Well, guess what? Small business with small efforts will only make it stay small, not bigger. You are here to expand and grow your small business and turn it into a big one soon. When you think it’s not time for big efforts, then when? High quality photos on Instagram posts can be a good start for your business. When you put high quality photos taken from a good quality camera, it will also increase your brand credibility in terms of quality and professionalism. Also, good quality photos can enhance the appearance of your skincare products as well.

Use proper hashtags

Hashtags are important when it comes to building a brand on Instagram, because it will reinforce the possibility of your content to be found by your target audience. However, make sure the hashtags you are using for your content are relevant to your business. Many business profiles on Instagram are using trending hashtags without looking at its relevance to their business, in order to gain more likes and followers even though the hashtags are not relevant to their business. This will only make your Instagram business profile so messy with unrelated content, which can decrease your credibility rate.

Choose the right timing

Managing an Instagram business account is different than managing your own personal Instagram account. When you post your own content for your own personal account, you can basically post anytime you want (unless you are seeking for more followers or likes). However, managing a business account is a whole different story. You have to keep tabs on analytics, trends, explorations, customer interaction, etc. Of course, timing is very important. You can’t just recklessly post a photo during the time when most people are away. Basically, night time is a no go. That being said, it also depends on what country you are living in and what country your target audience is residing in.

That’s how you share your skincare business through your Instagram business profile. The most important part is that before anything, branding is important. Branding helps you differentiate your business from other businesses in the same industry. When you have got your logo, then you can start making your own Instagram business profile.