Things Content Marketers can Learn from Will Smith’s YouTube Strategy

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Things Content Marketers can Learn from Will Smith’s YouTube Strategy

Every celebrity, whether they are actors, actresses, or singers, has their own moment. Casting calls or concerts can come for some of them, but some may not receive job calls anytime soon, and when the latter happens, the celebrities’ name will soon die down and maybe we will never see them again on TV or news. However, it is up to them whether they want to stay that way or keep shining like always. Well, something like “disappearing from the entertainment life” will likely not happen to the legendary Will Smith. Who doesn’t know Will Smith? This multi-talented American actor, producer, comedian, rapper and songwriter is considered as “the most powerful actor in Hollywood” as stated in Newsweek. Having starred in so many movies, he has been ranked as the most bankable star worldwide by Forbes. Despite no new movies, albums, tours or TV shows to promote, he has turned himself into the EF Hutton of social media – where he talks, people listen. Yes, even without movies, he still entertains people with his YouTube channel. Gained over 4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, his videos have been watched more than 14 million times. Of course his YouTube videos are inspiring and influential. Two of my favourite videos are his Story Time YouTube playlist entitled “What Skydiving Taught Me about Fear” and his inspirational video called “Painful Awakening (Dude Punched Me… HARD!),” which have inspired me with his attitude in dealing with fear and problems. So, how does he maintain his “shine” through all his YouTube videos even though he hasn’t been involved in movies for a while?

We all may know that in life, achieving something great is hard and full of struggles, but maintaining something great we have achieved is even harder. In terms of content marketing strategy, the struggle of maintaining people’s interest is real. Why? That’s because we have to constantly produce better content and ideas that will make them stay curious. That being said, Will Smith broke down his marketing strategy with a theatre full of marketers at Advertising Week in New York City. Well, in this article, you can learn from his advice that will be described below. Keep reading to find out!

Be flexible

Years ago, we used to rely on one thing too much. Back when Will Smith was known as The Fresh Prince, the term of success meant that you had to stick to a script and your creativity was limited. Today, sticking to a rigid plan will result in the exact opposite of today’s success. In order to be successful, you have to free yourself from limitations and be flexible. Pay attention to today’s trends and adjust it to your capability, then start exploring your creativity.

Be purposeful

Everything has a meaning. Everything has a purpose. Know your purpose of creating your content and know what motivates you. Smith has his own motivation and he enjoys spreading joy and sharing lessons that can help people. When you have your own purpose, you will know how to create better content and maintain your marketing’s “shine.”

Be courageous

Smith said that engagement is important; therefore, content should be valuable. In order to produce more valuable content, you should never always chase after clicks and views. Instead, focus on engagement and be brave in expressing yourself. In short, in order to be different, one should leave their comfort zone. However, always be careful in making content based on the metrics; always adjust it to your current situation. Be confident but don’t get high hopes.

Be authentic

Authenticity is a must. You may think that story telling can be a strong point in building credibility because it can lead better engagement; however, it doesn’t mean that you have to make up a story to be shared to people. Smith shared a story about his heart-to-heart conversation with his son, Jaden. Smith was surprised that Jaden told his then girlfriend that he needed his space so straight-forwardly instead of cheating on her. He told Smith, “That’s from your generation. Cheating is over.” It is less stressful to admit the truth than get caught in a lie. So, be authentic, spread real stories and inspire other people with what you share.

That’s what Will Smith has in mind whenever he produces content for his YouTube channel. When you can free your mind and free yourself from limitation, you can express better ideas and improve your content. Even though you are a business owner, you should still think like what marketers think. Ideas are limitless when you use it properly.