4 Ways Ignoring SEO Could Injure Your Company

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4 Ways Ignoring SEO Could Injure Your Company

This might be a surprise to you dear readers, but people are doing an absolutely terrible job when it comes to their well-being. Take exercise for one, I know it’s undoubtedly good for me and perhaps even necessary and yet, you’d have better luck convincing Nick Kyrgios to make more of an effort with his tennis career. And it’s not just me, a certain president with voluptuous hair also considers that the human body is like a battery and regular exercise is just going to deplete that finite energy quicker than you can say fake news.

It sounds hilarious if it wasn’t so depressing that an adult in such an incredibly powerful position could hold that opinion but that’s just the kind of world we live in right now. Anyway, I mentioned this because I feel that this same line of thinking is how the majority of businesses see SEO. They know that having an SEO services company on their side can be a good thing but perhaps because of economic considerations, they still haven’t committed to the act. Well, I’m here to tell you why that might not be such a good idea after all.


Setting the facts straight on SEO

SEO is capable of putting your brand immediately on the map, getting your company’s name displayed prominently on search engines and connoting them with whatever favorable adjectives you’d like. It can also serve you fish and chips wrapped in yesterday’s news, exactly the way we love them, with a can of the best craft beer you’d ever wish for and increase your Tinder matches by a degree of one gajillion. Well no, SEO itself has its own limitations, something that I would like to clarify first.

The truth of the matter is, search engines take into account vast amounts of data in doing their job and unless you have a way of controlling all those data, there are some things that you simply have no control over. As such, SEO can be somewhat unpredictable and never stays the same thanks to frequent algorithm updates, which means there would simply be no rest for the wicked.

This is also why pay-per-click (PPC) ads might prove to be a better option as there’s clarity there that won’t be found within the practice of SEO. The argument is not entirely without merit as there are cases in which a PPC might be a better option than focusing on SEO but the relatively narrow focus of PPC means that it has an actually bigger limitation than SEO. Ignoring SEO altogether can actually be financially disastrous for your company, as outlined why by the following reasons.


PPC can never fully replace SEO

The problem with that is that PPC tend to work better on people who are at the final stages of the buying process, those who already know what they’re going to buy. In other words, PPC traffic is mostly sourced from places of similar reputation, for a lack of a better word. PPC traffic for gardening tools for example would mostly come from gardening blogs, which is great for businesses that ironically, have no interest in growth but if you’re looking to expand your customer base, SEO is the answer.

Unlike PPC that is concentrated on sales, SEO could be used to target customers at each stage of the buying process. Instead of convincing potential why they should choose your gardening tools, SEO can be used to convince people why should they try out gardening in the first place. SEO builds a relationship from the very beginning, akin to a mom and pop store while PPC has the mindset of sell, sell, sell more common to corporate retail.


Search engines usage is still growing

On average, Google process 40,000 search queries per second on any given day and while it took Google one month to crawl and build an index of million pages in 1999, the same task can be accomplished in less than 60 seconds in 2012. To sum up, people use search engines more and more and to as even the most frivolous of questions, such as how to boil an egg and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Privacy-minded search engines such as DuckDuckGo is becoming more popular and smart assistants such as Alexa and Google Home provides new way for people to ask even more questions.


Organic traffic has more credibility than paid traffic

One of the many ways rickety old Bernie Sanders proved himself so endearing to the public during the 2016 United States Presidential Election is because his campaign was almost entirely crowdfunded by individual donors instead of being funded by corporations/lobbyists common to American politics. In this same token, having your company appear naturally on a given search engine results page naturally leads to more credibility than if your company appears on some random Google ads somewhere. I for one never really click on ads, whether it’s from Google or Instagram and I imagine I’m far from being alone in this regard.


SEO could be a guideline for your web design & development and your content strategy

Owing to the fact concerning the broad swaths that SEO cover, ignoring it completely could negatively affect every single part of your digital existence. A lot of SEO’s best practices concerning web design & development is actually pretty similar to the generally accepted web’s best practices, which is why you should always adopt them in the first place. By that same token, your created contents should always be more than just contents.

This practice is referred to as value added contents and this value could be of use to both your customers and you. These contents could be articles that provide actionable insights and values to your readers but they could also be contents that have actual SEO values. By considering factors such as the keywords used, readability and shareability, the contents you’ve created could be used to help your reputation with a given search engine, which could boost the traffic coming to your website.