Instagram 101: How You Can Use Carousel Post on Instagram in Creative Ways for Your Business

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Instagram 101: How You Can Use Carousel Post on Instagram in Creative Ways for Your Business

Almost everybody in the world uses social media, including you, right? Even some people just can’t live without it. There are types of people who use social media; some are just trying to express themselves, some wanting to reach out to their friends and communicate, some use it as a source of money – and the latter is divided into two parts; social media influencers and business.  Social media influencers use social media not only for expressing themselves, but also for doing their job as a social media influencer. However, there are also some people who use social media for business. Yes, social media for business, why not? The use of social media for business has been convenient choice any business owner can make, with so many users in the world using social media; it is easier for business owners to reach to a certain type of audience who might be interested in buying a product or service.

One of the social media platforms that are usually used by business owners is Instagram. Oh, how most of us like Instagram, don’t you agree? Well, at least 1 billion people would agree with that. Oh, and yes, as of June 2018, Instagram now has 1 billion active users. It was not long ago around March I checked the statistics on Statista, it was still around 800 million users. Now I have just checked again today in October, and it is already 1 billion! Wow! All the more reasons to use Instagram for business, right? Many business owners are starting to use Instagram for business, especially those who provide fashion and cosmetics products. Why? That’s because Instagram provides many features to show a business’ products and services in a way that makes it possible for a business to engage and interact more with their customers. From time to time, Instagram has always updated many new features that are not only useful for individuals, but also for business. This time, this not-so-new feature is called “Instagram Carousel.” What is exactly an Instagram Carousel? What does this feature offer? Find out the answers for your business by reading this article!

Instagram Carousel is a feature that lets users upload more than one photo or video in a single post all at once, up to 10 photos or videos. Before the carousel update, we used to post relevant photos or videos separately, now since this update; we can make use of its feature to post photos and videos all at once in the same post. However, even posting this way still needs a creative way to make the post interesting and unique, so it won’t appear as stagnant and boring. Here are the ways you can do that for your Instagram page.

Telling a story through your pictures

Whether you are a non-profit organisation or maybe an artist, or maybe you are a company doing some charity or campaigns, telling a story through pictures is the right step to do to reach more audience. You can start by arranging the photos or videos in a chronological order. If you are on social media for a cause, maybe you can post photos and videos of those involved in your charity. If you are an artist, you can make a comic strip containing a story in a chronological order from part one to part ten.

Sharing an event without cluttering your followers’ feeds

Joining or making an event might make you take a lot of photos even in just one day. When that happens, without carousel feature on Instagram, you might clutter your followers’ feeds by posting a lot of photos and videos separately. This will result in you getting unfollowed by your followers because they are annoyed by your “spamming” posts. However, this feature lets you post the best photos and videos in your event to Instagram in just one post.

Put together themed photos or videos

Yes, seasonal images also apply on Instagram. If it is Halloween time, then you should put together Halloween photos and videos in a single post instead of separately posting them. Carousel feature is more suitable for something with a theme in it posted timely to make more sense without cluttering your followers’ feeds.

That’s how you make the best use of Instagram’s carousel feature for your company! Managing social media can be fun but can also be tough. However, when you know how to do it right, managing social media is always fun and profitable. If you need more information about social media, feel free to contact us now and let our awesome team guide you to your own success story.