Finding Inspiration 101: Best B2C-Inspired B2B Marketing Strategies You Can Apply on Your Business

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Finding Inspiration 101: Best B2C-Inspired B2B Marketing Strategies You Can Apply on Your Business

Owning a B2B company may not be as smooth as owning B2C company when it comes to marketing strategies, because you are not directly selling to direct consumers; therefore, your audience is most likely a business owner, and finding business owners to make them recognise your products or services is not that easy. B2C concept, however, may be easier to approach, because they are directly selling to consumers and in most cases; consumers are even trying to find them. For that reason, B2B companies should learn from B2C companies in terms of content marketing strategies. Are you a B2B company owner? Or are you a marketing manager who works for a B2B company? If you are working in the marketing field, then keep reading to know more!

They say everyone is a teacher. Anyone can be a teacher. We can learn from anything, even children can teach us, though indirectly, that we all start from zero. In this case, we can learn from B2C marketing strategies so that we can combine ideas and strategies for B2B. Below are the things you can learn from B2C marketing strategies.

Focus on clients or audience, not the process

Often times, people in the B2B marketing always think about the process of the marketing itself, but end up forgetting the real reason why the marketing strategy is implemented itself. Of course your focus should be your clients or your audience – marketing exists because of them and because you want to attract them. Don’t just think about the process, rather, think about what your clients and audience would think and would like. B2C marketing strategies often seem to be running smoothly because they are focused on their audience; whether it is their clients or even their potential real paying customers.

Using social media is fine, but use carefully

One of the most common parts of marketing strategy for B2C is using social media to engage with customers and potential customers. However, for B2B companies, it may seem to be difficult since they are trying to find clients, not just your regular buyers. While B2C companies reach out directly to their customers, B2B may find it hard to get potential clients. That being said, there are several ways your B2B company can do if you want to use social media:

  • Use more videos than just photos
  • Use interesting and original comic strips
  • If you want to use pictures, try making memes

Using a video can attract people’s curiosity more than a picture can. People are more interested in “listening” than “reading.” Therefore, make sure you make a video with your voice recorded. You can make a tutorial video, commercial video, or any relevant video that can help promoting your products or services. Comic strip is another way to educate and entertain people at the same time, make sure the comic is in the hands of the professional artist. Also, make it as fresh as possible and add a bit of humour to make people stay curious.

Adjust your content to your target audience, not anyone

Both B2B and B2C should remember that content has to be relevant. Even though you are trying to make interesting video or funny comic strips, you still have to make the content relevant to your business so you can reach the right audience you have targeted. Make sure you add your business content in it so that your audience will not be confused.

That’s how you can learn from B2C marketing strategies as B2B. Remember that while you can adopt their methods, you still have to re-arrange your content marketing plan and adjust it to your business and target audience, as well as combine it with your original B2B content marketing plan. That way, you can have more effective B2B marketing strategy for your business.