Sky-high Opportunity: Reasons to Use Skype for Business Communication and Collaboration in 2018

Skype for Business
Sky-high Opportunity: Reasons to Use Skype for Business Communication and Collaboration in 2018

Who doesn’t love instant messaging? We all love it. It is easier, faster and cheaper that we only need internet connection to use that. Aside from that, instant messaging is very convenient when it comes to social media, as it connects us to our friends or family faster than any average mobile messaging. I’m sure most of you are familiar with one of those instant messaging and video calling platforms called Skype. Skype has been used for many kinds of social interactions and even business collaboration. If you have a business, consider using Skype for your business interactions. Why? Find out the reasons in this article!

Instant answer

Just like the name, instant messaging means an instant answer. With regular emails, you can’t get faster replies or information. However, using Skype’s instant messaging, you can see who’s available at the moment, and when you need faster answer to some information, you can get it right away.

When you are busy, Skype can help

Skype has a feature called Skype for Business, where it enables you to have an additional channel to communicate without getting in the way of phone and email. Even if you are too busy, you can be more productive with Skype for Business, as it seamlessly integrates with other communication channels, making it easier for you to communicate even when you are busy.

Sharing files made easy

While both versions of Skype for Business enable you to share files, using Skype for Business Enterprise to share your desktop so people related to your business can see what you are working on is even easier for you. Also, you can broaden the conversation to groups, use voice, as well as carry out video conference.

You can use it on the go

Skype for Business is easily accessible wherever you are, as it can be used on all devices including iOS and Android. Therefore, it does not matter where you are right now, you can stay connected.

Easily integrated with Exchange

Another useful feature from Skype for Business is that it knows the products you are already using. Your schedules and your business-related contacts are well-managed, so you can know who’s available when you are.

You don’t have to worry about privacy and security

Some instant messaging systems can make your business vulnerable to hackers or other kinds of intrusions. Skype for Business, however, has high-grade security adjusted to enterprise level to keep your company safe from hackers’ “attack.”

That’s how Skype can be useful for your business interactions. When it comes to business, you just need to be careful in choosing a platform for office discussion and office file sharing. Skype for Business provides security in terms of privacy. Also, when it comes to working, Skype for Business allows you to access it anytime and anywhere using any device. From that alone, you don’t even need to question its reliability. If you need to work on social media for your business, do not hesitate to contact us and let our awesome team help you.