Should Non-profit Organisation Have a Website?

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Should Non-profit Organisation Have a Website?

Having a website for business is common, but having a website for non-profit organisation? That is something. Having a website for a good cause that does not get you anything back in return is something you can be proud of. Not because you are boastful, but it is because you care. With so many websites for non-profit organisation, there comes a question; “do non-profit organisations need a website?” With this question, also comes another question; “do you need SEO services for that?” If you are involved in several non-profit activities and planning to have a website, then this article is for you! Keep reading to find out the answer.

Well, I have the answer for you, it’s a yes! Wait, but why? Let’s dive deep into the benefits of a website for a non-profit organisation.

Widen your reach

If your organisation needs donations or helps, then people need to know about you first…or find you. In order for that to happen, you will have to increase your organisation awareness and to increase that, you have to boost your online presence. Of course, only a website can strongly help with that.

Engage with your new and existing donors

With a website, you can keep “communicating” with your new or existing donors. I know you might think “why don’t we use social media or telephone for that?” Well, “communication” here means that new and existing donors will learn more about you and know your past, recent, and future activities.

Expand your database of potential donors

An optimised website can generate your visitors’ information and create a database of people interested in your cause. That way, you can use it when it’s time to request donations or give information about the upcoming events.

Tell stories about your on-going and monthly donations

In non-profit organisations, it is natural for us to tell stories about our journeys. Through visual and contextual way, your story can evoke emotions from the viewers and win their hearts to start joining your cause.

That’s the advantages of having a website for your non-profit organisation. Not only will it help you maintain communication with your donators, but you can also share inspiring stories that can encourage people to do good deed for good cause. Inspired to make your own website for your non-profit organisation? Want to boost your website’s online visibility? Feel free to contact us and let our professional team help you with that.