Understanding Your Customers: What Do Your Customers Say About You on Social Media?

Understanding your customers
Understanding Your Customers: What Do Your Customers Say About You on Social Media?

Have you ever bought something based on the recommendation from a friend or simply from social media influencers or YouTubers? Well, you are not alone, me too. But can you imagine how great it is that a simple review from the internet can influence us to buy something? Yes, that’s the power of the internet nowadays, not only as social influence, but also product influence. For that reason, many business owners use this as a way to promote their business and increase their brand awareness. However, with positive sides, there are also the inevitable negative sides. Yes, reviews can either be the good ones or the bad ones. That being said; don’t quickly jump into conclusions, because the good thing is that from bad reviews, you can learn how to improve that you can understand your customers better than before. You know you are using social media properly when you can understand your customers better from there.  How? Find out the answer in this article.

Most brands fail to achieve their target because of one thing; they don’t know their customers. You can’t deliver what they need if you don’t understand your quality and your customers, and the best way to understand your quality is through finding your mistakes or your improvements told by your customers. For this, let’s begin the first step:

Create a social media group and gather your customers there

By creating your social media group and gathering your customers there, you can know what they think about your performance. You can ask them directly if there is something lacking in your products or services. Not only that, if there are complaints regarding your business, you can easily and directly know it without missing out on even one customer’s review. Also, if you are into a new project for your business, you can create a poll or a question asking your customers so you can know what they think about it. From their inputs, you will do your best to improve and make your customers walk out of your business place happy. Keep in mind that while having a social media group, you should listen well to your customers and be patient. Not all angry customers deliver complaints in a pleasing manner; you might even find them cursing at your brand. However, as a brand, you should respond well and improve while still keeping tabs on the progress.


See what your customers #share

Another way to keep tabs on what customers think about your products or services is through looking at what your customers share on social media. Using hashtags, you can find if your customers are talking about your business. On social media, people don’t only post about their life, but some of them can share some reviews about the products or services they have used – and you can find them! Some people can talk about how good and how bad your products are, but make sure you always respond to them even though they share some positive reviews as well.

Pay attention to your followers

It may seem obvious, but it’s true. You have to pay attention to your followers. As time goes by, when your business is vastly improving, you might find your business’ social media account being followed by the increasing number of customers or even curious potential customers. Sadly, here’s the biggest mistake that many popular brands make when their social media account’s followers have increased: they stopped caring. I have seen many of brands’ social media admins not replying to their customers and even ignoring their complaints. No matter big or small your brand is, you should cater to your customers. If your social media specialist is having a hard time to keep up with too many customers, then add more people to help you manage your business’ social media account. That way, you can listen well to them and provide effective solutions for them.

Managing social media account for a business may not be as simple as managing your own personal social media account. However, if you really want to get to know your customers well, you will be okay. Using social media may make or break your brand, depending on how you are using it. That being said, as long as you know what you are doing and keep being positive about it, you can always improve your business anytime and anywhere.