The Importance of Shaping Your Brand Identity for SEO

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The Importance of Shaping Your Brand Identity for SEO

As time goes by, the series of challenges in the business world have been increasing and the competition between business owners has been tighter. With the challenges and obstacles, they are encouraged to provide the best for their customers, and with that goal in mind, business owners are expected to increase their brand awareness. How? That’s where SEO plays a big role in a business. Here’s to simplify the explanation: when you start up a business, you need a brand, and that brand needs something in order to be publicly recognised, but before being able to be publicly recognised, the brand needs to be authentic and real so that people can distinguish the brand from another brand in the same industry. Therefore, in order to reflect the authenticity, a brand needs an identity that can differentiate the business from other businesses. However, a brand identity will mean nothing if it is not visible to people, and so there are two crucial components in the marketing field; SEO and content marketing. Realising this, business owners try almost everything to make their SEO and content marketing work for their business, like hiring an SEO company to provide SEO services for them, creating strategic content marketing, doing some campaigns to promote their brand, etc. However, there is one thing that should be noted that people often overlook; brand identity also affects SEO and content marketing. In other words; SEO, content marketing, and brand identity are connected with each other.

With that in mind, this leads to a question; how does brand identity matter for SEO and content marketing? If you are a business owner or someone who works in the marketing and business fields, this article tells you about the importance of brand identity in boosting the progress of SEO and content marketing for your business. Keep reading to learn more!

What is brand identity?

Ever since we were born, we are blessed with our distinct “features” that set us apart from other people. Even twins will still look different in physical features and characteristics. Well, we can say the same for brand identity. Brand identity is a special set of features that define your brand’s goals, characteristics, charms, and other aspects that make your business unique and different than other businesses in the same industry.

Why is brand identity important for SEO and content marketing?

As mentioned above, brand identity is what differentiates your brand from another brand. However, it is more than just that. In this part, we are going to describe why brand identity matters so much for your business:

  1. Brand identity describes how unique you are in many ways that can be translated into your brand. This is what makes people easily recognise you the moment they see your logo or advertisement.
  2. Brand identity helps you build your brand’s credibility and reliability.
  3. As your brand is considered as trustworthy, it will soon increase your brand awareness.
  4. When your brand receives public recognition, soon Google or other search engines will notice your brand’s strength and quality.
  5. At this stage, Google and other search engines start recognising your brand, and this will change their view on your brand, which may result in the increase of their trust on your brand.
  6. When Google and other search engines trust you, your business will improve in rankings.
  7. Your chance of getting ranked high will also improve, if followed by high quality content marketing strategies.
  8. The improvement of your brand awareness will get you more leads on your website’s visitors turned into more potential customers and even more real paying customers.
  9. Remember, the more relevant your content marketing strategies to your brand identity, the more you get a chance to get your business closer to and found by your target audience.
  10. With brand identity, you can set your focus on your target audience only, using your content marketing strategies designed only for them.

Trust and quality are two factors that are important for search engines to rank your brand. By creating brand identity, you can establish a good vibe that represents your company’s goals, values, characteristics, and many more that can reach your target audience’s values as well as get you closer to them. That being said, creating brand identity might not be as easy as we thought it would be. It needs a strong passion and commitment to deliver the best representation of a brand; therefore, it may take time to establish a well-defined brand identity, but the result won’t disappoint you if you work hard for it.