Avoid These Bad Habits If You Are Writing Your Own Article for Your Business

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Avoid These Bad Habits If You Are Writing Your Own Article for Your Business

“It can wait.”

“I don’t have time.”

Those common statements are always found everywhere, especially in a place where lazy people are. I found many people procrastinating their work because of this kind of mindset, especially if their work involves writing. Yes, writing needs creativity, imagination, topped off with accurate information that should inspire readers, and it may take time to write decent and proper articles, journals, scripts, or even novels. Aside from that, many business owners start writing for the sake of their business. Why? It’s simple; writing is essential in attracting people’s interest. In terms of business, writing articles is one of the effective ways to boost SEO process even when you are already hiring an SEO company to provide SEO services for you. Sometimes some business owners let the SEO company do the writings for them, but some prefer to write the articles by themselves. Do you consider yourself as a business owner who writes their own articles? If you do, this article may have been written for you! Keep reading to get inspired.

In this article today, we are going to discuss about the bad habits and mindsets you have to avoid if you are writing your own articles for your business. As a human being with multitasking jobs, we may find it difficult to write consistently; however, you must remember that writing requires consistency in order to keep attracting more curious potential customers. Therefore, these bad habits and ways of thinking or mindsets are not acceptable if you want to succeed:

“I don’t have time.” Or are you just lazy?

Yes, you may have works to do, but the truth is that you can write anytime and for as long as you can. You can actually write in the middle of your work – nothing is impossible. However, you may think that you don’t have time to write because of your work; whereas it is actually the deep mindset that is telling you that you don’t have time. You have time. There is a Japanese method called Kaizen, the “one-minute” principle to fight procrastination and overcome laziness. You can practice doing something for one minute, every day at the same time. You can even do it in the middle of your work – it shouldn’t be a problem for you, right? As time goes by, this will be a good practice to add up more than one minute the next time you are doing it again.

Bringing work home

While it sounds “busy” bringing your work home, it is actually less productive than finishing your work in the office. When you bring your work to your home, not only will it disrupt your rest and recreation, it will also make you procrastinate, again. This can also be another excuse for you not to continue your writing. Finish your work in the office, when you come home spare a little time for writing. Not only will you finish your work quickly, you will also finish your writing, which can be beneficial for your business.

“I’m feeling depressed. I can’t write.” Mindset

Almost the majority of people may have felt dejected or depressed at least once in their lifetime. Well, been there, done that. However, that cannot be another excuse for you to procrastinate. Did you know that the singer Demi Lovato can write 8 songs in one night when feeling depressed? It may seem unrealistic, but it’s true. Sometimes, if we allow it, imaginations and ideas can come to us in times where we are desperate and depressed. After all, life is about 90% of what happens in it, and 10% of how we react to it, right?

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then it never happens

Your mind can tell you lies you never thought it was, until, yes, that never happens. When you come home and when you take a bath, you keep saying “Okay, I will write after I finish taking a bath,” and then when you finish taking a bath, you will end up saying, “Oh, the writing can wait. I’ll do it tomorrow.” And then you go to your bed. That doesn’t stop there, because when tomorrow comes, you will end up repeating the same thought again – the never ending evil spell; “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

By the time you realise it, it is already New Year. Change that mindset, and you will finish your writing. Trust me. Everyone has dreams and goals, but once they know the term “procrastination” that will be applied in their mind like the plague. However, once you turn to your good habits, you will never dare committing the same “sin” again.

Writing may take time on some topics sometimes, but when you set your focus on your goals and try to achieve them, you will feel the results. It is never too late to change bad habits; however, it starts within you. Keep your focus and start now.