Don’t Ever Do These When Managing Social Media for Business

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Don’t Ever Do These When Managing Social Media for Business

If you are one of those people who love updating photos or status and keeping up with new information or news on social media, it is safe to say that you know how social media works and how most people use it. You might find different kinds of people on social media, starting from the nitpickers, the hypocrites, the watchers, the selebgrams, the soon-to-be selebgrams, the culinary addicts, the photographers, the wise people, the motivators, the business people, even to the I’m-here-for-online-shopping-only kinds of people. Of course, from those names, you would recognise their category by the way they are posting their stuff or activities on social media. You might also be categorised as one of those people.

Nowadays, most people can’t seem to live without social media. Some people even wake up in the morning and immediately look for their mobile phone to check out their Instagram or Facebook account. Also, more than 4 billion people around the world use the internet, and more than 3.2 billion of those people are active social media users. No wonder social media has always been the platform of every business to promote their brand, as social media has a great deal of influence for their business. Using social media, you can basically reach to a wider audience, since there are so many social media users out there.

If you are a business owner, small or big, aside from having a website, you should also use social media profile to promote and increase your brand awareness. Basically, if you have a website, you have to lead more visitors to your website, and the use of social media platforms is one of the important ways to do that. Why? That’s because through social media, you can direct visitors to visit your website after they see your posts and become interested in your products or services. However, one thing you should know before getting your own social media’s business profile; managing social media accounts for business is not the same as managing social media for personal use, meaning; don’t use professional social media accounts the same way you are using your personal social media account. In this article, we are going to share with you what’s not to do when you are using a business profile. Keep reading if you want to learn more!

Not doing some research first

There are still many business owners create a business account on social media simply because they want to keep up with the trends, or worse, because they are told to. They would basically jump into quick conclusions, thinking that it would be easy just like using personal accounts. Wrong. Before posting on social media, make sure you conduct some research first and then make strategic plans on how to catch people’s attentions as well as how to keep them interested. It is important to research the market, because just like the trends, people always change too.

Ignoring interactions

When you reach many followers, sometimes you will get tons of notifications that might be hard for you to follow up, which may lead to you ignoring people who comment on your posts, especially those with inquiries that are not supposed to be left out. Some people even ignore the comments due to laziness to answer one by one. While it might be true and we can’t blame you for that, at least you can still post things showing your appreciation and gratitude for your followers’ supports. The bottom line; add your trademark personality that represents your company.

Being fake and misleading

You might be tempted to create a fake persona in order to gain more followers faster. However, this is not a good solution for that, as, though it might work for the time being, it is only for a short period of time, and soon it would hurt your brand’s reputation over the long term.

Sending spams to people, your fans or followers

No, definitely not this one. Never, ever do this one. Spam is not only in the form of emails anymore, now it is getting messy on social media. You can find spams on comments and private messages, promoting their products or services on other people’s places without permissions. If you want your business to succeed, avoid sending spams to people especially to your followers. Be genuine and just promote in the right way.

Not being supportive in competition

When you sell products or services, there are chances that other companies sell the same type of products or services as your company, but in different brands. This is inevitable, of course, but you should be supportive when it comes to competing with your competitors. Confronting or throwing “black campaign” at your competitors is the biggest turnoff in the history of the business world. Of course, if your potential customers see this, they would hardly choose you over your competitors. Remember, attitude also matters.

Sharing too much, aren’t we?

We get it; social media is for interaction, so we should share. That is true, but too much sharing is also not good for your business. Engaging with more people is important, but don’t share too much information. Keep it low profile while you are doing your business.

Focusing only on self-promotion

We know that your purpose of creating social media business profile is to promote your brand. However, it is not always about you and your products. You can share valuable information or motivational quotes, even some memes to entertain and educate your followers at the same time. Even better, if you start open discussion about important things that most of your followers would frequently ask you about, this would get you closer to your followers and soon they would also trust your brand.

After reading this article, hopefully, you will be more careful in managing your business’ social media profiles. Don’t overlook things, although that may come off as usual for you, it might be more important in the future. Stay communicating and engaging with more people and never forget the reason you start your business. Thank you for reading our article, we hope this could help you with your social media business profile. If you wish to communicate your business’ social media needs with us, feel free to contact us.  See you soon in the next article!