The Best Opportunities to Rank High for Your SEO in 2018

The Best Opportunities to Rank High for Your SEO in 2018

As a business owner, it is only natural for you to want the best for your company, especially in 2018, where you can start everything again. Therefore, aside from planning a better content marketing strategy for improving your business, you can also start your 2018 with planning more for SEO. If you are already using SEO services for your business, this article will help you with the steps you need to take in order to gain a better opportunity to rank high in 2018!

Understand your SEO better by analysing your target

While it’s understandable that you want the best for your business, you need to be aware that it’s not all about you and your company. Sometimes you have to know your target and what they are looking for, and more importantly, how Google sees it and provides it for them, by “reading” what’s on their mind. For example, if we are going to search for something online, we are looking for answers, definitions, items, images, addresses, or details. Of course, we would need it fast and accurate, we would want Google to know this well.

As a business owner, basically, you provide content, so that Google can provide it to your potential customers. However, here’s the problem: your competitors may think the same, and, of course, provide their content to Google too. Therefore, if you have good quality contents and even in a better quality than what your competitors offer, then you will get the chance to be promoted by Google.

The question is, how do we make a good content? Conduct your research on people! Yes, as mentioned above, analysing your target and understanding you SEO can work magic for your business. Why? Because that way, you can provide the things they need, properly. For example, you can start by positioning yourself as “your customer”, then, you search your products on Google by using keywords and most common questions that are relevant to your products. When the search result appears, take a note of who’s on the first page, also, write down the list of the competitors who are claiming top rankings. This can help you understand more about your products and how the world sees it, as well as how your competitors are doing with their products.

Pay attention to your customers

Another thing to remember when doing SEO for your business is to understand your customers as a whole. Pay attention to what the need, the questions they are asking, how they are asking, and then when you find the answers, “transfer” this to your website. This way you can improve your rankings because you understand your customers and you provide them with your solutions to fulfil their needs.

Create and combine fun and useful content

Yes, everybody likes useful things, but what makes it even better is when those useful things are also fun and interesting. Now content doesn’t always only mean writing articles for your blog. You can also include videos, interactive how-to-guides, unique presentations, and many more.  However, make sure your content is still relevant to your company, because content can speak more than just information to your visitors.

Always check how your website is doing

Make sure your URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and image tags are arranged orderly, because these are on-page SEO factors that can affect your page rank in search results. Review your meta description, and make sure that it describes your website more accurately. Also, you can take a look at competitors’ website and compare it with yours.

Examine who is linking back to you

People should realise that backlinks (links that are back to you, resulted from other websites) are really important. It will give your website a sense of credibility, especially if those links are from websites that have Google’s trust. However, watch out for websites that practice black-hat SEO! This will decrease your credibility, as Google can surely recognise it. Therefore, make sure you take a look at who is linking back to you and if you find suspicious websites, you can run a report for that. Also, create high quality content so that you can also get high quality backlinks. Of course, this will ensure you high ranking for your website.

Get your company listed

This is another important aspect to remember! You have to get your company listed on local, national, and niche directory websites. This will let Google and your targets know where to find you.

Promote, promote, and promote!

Yes, creating is important for your business, but don’t be focused on only creating but less on promoting. After you create, you promote. Your potential customers are not going to wait for you. Make sure your content is easy to be shared on social media.

Track your progress

It is really important to track your progress. Check out your keyword rankings, page visits from organic search, your backlinks, returning users, and of course, watch out for your page load speed! See what’s missing and what should be added, take a note if there is a problem and prepare for the solutions.

Yes, that’s the steps you should take in order to maintain or improve your company’s SEO in 2018. Make sure to stay alert and keep monitoring your website, as well as keep up-to-date with the trends so that you can always keep up with your customers’ needs. That way, your business will always run smoothly!