Your SEO To-Do-List: Strategic Tips to Optimise Your Website

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Your SEO To-Do-List: Strategic Tips to Optimise Your Website

Most business owners nowadays have their own websites, and are already familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and why it is important for their business. Of course, in order for their brand to be recognised by people in the world, they need to make the world “notice” them. There are ways to make that happen, starting from social media, content marketing, as well as SEO.

As time goes by, SEO keeps improving and if you are not careful, you might miss out the chance to improve your website too. If you are a business owner who already uses SEO services, this article will help you plan your SEO strategies to optimise your website. Let’s see the plan!

Analyse your website and revise your content

The first thing to do is to always take a look at your website. Anything can change with time, so can your business. Therefore, if you find it necessary, several changes should be made. Of course, you don’t want your website to be considered boring and out of style, right? No matter how good the design of your website is, you still need to change things in the future. You can start observing from the site navigation, context, content relevancy, to overall parts of the website.

Make a list of your competitors

Making a list of your competitors is also important in determining what to do next. Aside from making a list, you can learn one thing or two from them, and if they make some mistakes or if you find some flaws in them, avoid doing the same thing too, also, try to make your website optimisation process do better than theirs.

Write an accurate meta description tag

This is also important in optimising your website, because it is used by search engines to describe a website when appearing in search results. Add a meta keyword tag too to show the most important keywords for each page to search engine bots.

Research keywords and make a list of them

When doing the SEO process, it is very essential for you to conduct a research on keywords based on your target audience first. Find keywords that are related to your website’s content, and make a list of the important keywords. This can be your reference in deciding which keywords are the best for your website’s SEO progress. Also, when you already decide on the keywords, place them strategically throughout your content.

Monitor your traffic and write it down in your report

When optimising your website, you are required to “stand by” in case something happens with your SEO progress. That’s why you should always check and monitor your website. Determine the current traffic to your website, so that you can see the activities taking place, where your visitors are coming from, and what pages are mostly visited, as well as how they rank. From this, you can see the prospect and what to expect and plan from there.

By doing this strategic plan, you will have a better insight of what to do with your SEO. Remember that it is important to plan anything before progressing to the next level, because if you are well-planned, it will help you gain better, future-proof results for your website.