Reasons Why Your Website is Not SEO Friendly

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Reasons Why Your Website is Not SEO Friendly

You’ve got it right. You had an excellently designed website, people saw a very charming website – your website; you seemed to be doing well with this. That’s until you realized your website did not get ranked high and seemed to be not easily read by search engines, and not easily found by potential customers; even though you were using good SEO services for your website. The problem might not come from your SEO efforts, but it might come from your website design.

Yes, designs also affect the SEO process of a website. A good website is actually the one that is SEO-friendly. A unique design is a plus, but does it give a bad impact on your SEO process? If you hire a web designer, you should be aware of what kind of website design that is not good for your SEO. In this article, let us give you a guide to helping you identify the signs that your website might not be SEO-friendly.

Content: Too little to mean, too long to read

You know your content is weak when it doesn’t provide what your potential customers need. The text doesn’t explain anything important, just meaningless descriptions that make the visitors find it difficult to understand what your company does. Also, each of the articles you provide on the website only contains 300 words or less than that, with no interesting topic or unique title, and the does-not-answer-anything kind of explanation in it. Not to mention its style is not up-to-date; boring. Don’t think that long written text is better, just because short content is meaningless. Providing too long written text is also one of the strong reasons why your visitors prefer to leave your website. If they have to read that long explanation on your website, don’t you think they should have gone to the bookstores instead?

Irresponsive Website is Responsible for your site’s progress

Responsive website is an approach to website design that allows users to have a good website viewing experience in any device they are using by adjusting the screen size or resolution, as well as the platform. Responsive website is one of the important factors in SEO that can also determine whether your website is considered as SEO-friendly or not. If your website is irresponsive, it will likely cause your users to leave your website. Why? First, irresponsive web can decrease the quality of your site’s usability; also, it can cause your website to load really slowly, and that, of course, can waste so much time – your visitors don’t need that.

Images not optimised for search engines

While that might be true that search engines prefer text, but you need images for your pages. With images, people can understand your products in a better and more interesting way. However, watch out for the size! If the images for your website are not set in the right size optimised for search engines, it may cause your website to take long to load (if the size is too large), but if you set the size too small, it may decrease the quality of the images.

Slow loading pages, slow to rank high

Speaking of slow loading pages, isn’t it obvious? With unclear content and slow loading page, your visitors will likely leave your website before it even appears. In short, you can consider weak content and slow loading page as a warning sign to your website.

With those reasons above in mind, make sure you always have a check on your website frequently, so that you are always in the know whether or not it is SEO-friendly. Consult to your SEO consultant on how to maintain your website so that it is always in a good state and ready for SEO progress.