Here’s How Social Media can Improve SEO

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Here’s How Social Media can Improve SEO

When it comes to SEO, it will never “grow apart” from its connection with social media and content marketing. Even some people thought they were the same thing, while in fact; they are just connected to each other, but still different in meaning. For that reason, social media is one of the essential parts in SEO process, as it can improve SEO too. Confused? Well, don’t be. Because in this article, we are going to show you how social media can improve SEO.

The number of followers you have on social media

Believe it or not, social media can be one of the factors that can make you rank high. The number of followers and connections you have on your social media can influence your rankings. Of course that doesn’t mean you can buy 100,000 proxy Instagram followers for that, because Google can detect the quality of your followers, as well as your interaction on social media. If you want to grab many followers naturally, you can start by providing useful but entertaining content for your social media. Be more interactive and more engaging with your customers, because getting more real followers means getting more traffic to your website.

More and more backlinks!

Social media is important because it acts as a promotion tool to introduce your company and your website to the world, so that it reaches to many people. When people browse through social media and find your content, there are only three reactions to that. One, they don’t care and scroll past it. Two, they don’t like it, so they ignore it. Three, they like it and share it. Of course, if you want the reaction number three (because it’s obviously going to give you more benefits), you have to make your content as creative as possible; make it eye-catching. If your content can grab people’s attention from whatever they are doing at the moment, it will surely encourage them to click the “share” button, and then, there comes more traffic from those backlinks!

Increasing brand awareness means increasing traffic

If your brand is acknowledged as trustworthy, people will always search for your website. As social media is a tool for communication, the more you gain popularity, the more chance you get to increase your brand awareness. Give your audience a quality experience, fun entertainment, and useful information in your social media content. That way, more people will come to your social media business profile, and go to your website. We all know what that means: more traffic. Oh yes!

Locally optimised posts

Nowadays, Google makes search engine experience better and better. Now, they provide specific location-based search results to help people find what they are looking for in an easier way. That can be translated into “more chance”, right? Since social media provides opportunities to involve yourself in the local community, you can send your specific location signals to search engines. For example, if your company is participating in a local event in a specific location, and you post a photo on Instagram while sharing the location you are in, it helps you interact more with people and that can also increase your brand awareness, and don’t forget that it can also attract people’s curiosity of checking out your website.

Now that you know the benefits of social media use for SEO, start making interesting content and interacting more with a wider audience. This can boost your website’s visibility. So, no more doubts, everyone! Start using your social media in the right way, and the right way will lead your potential customers to your website!