An Introduction to SEO: SEO in General

An Introduction to SEO_ SEO in General
An Introduction to SEO: SEO in General

Search Engine Optimization, or better known as SEO, is the process of optimizing a website in order to boost the online visibility in search engines. If you are a business owner who is curious about SEO and thinking of using SEO services, this article provides you with the beginner’s guide to SEO and what you should know about SEO.

First of all, before proceeding, you need to think about why you would need SEO for your business. Other companies, like your company, are aspired to be recognized by people, especially by those people who use the same kinds of products or services they sell. Those people, as we call them “the potential customers”, might search for the name of the products or services your company offers. The problem is, your company is not the only one that offers what they are looking for; so many competitors also offer the same products or services, which makes it hard for a business to grow fast, and it takes a great deal of time and efforts to make a business recognized by public. For that reason, there comes the SEO. With SEO, people should compete fairly, not only by a good content, but also a good website.

The first thing to know about SEO is that there are on-site and off-site. On-site optimisation works when you target the best keyword categories, and match the existing and new content to target specific keyword categories. Also, you have to make sure your website infrastructure is in the best state. As for the offsite, this is how your website is referred from other online sources. First, you need active and relevant social media presence by managing social media for your company, and creating a blog with relevant and good quality content.

Another thing to know is, one important part of SEO is the keywords.

When people search for a product on Google, for example, they write the keywords that are relevant with the products they want to find. Therefore, in order to make sure people know what your company offers, the use of keywords is needed. The question is, how do we define the right keywords? First, we need to conduct researches on keywords that are relevant with your products or services. The better ranking we get is resulted from a good keyword research. For example, if you sell products, such as fashion bags and clothes, the keywords you should use can be “fashion bag”, “fashion clothes” or you can also add your region to be more specific.

That’s the introduction to SEO in general. Now that you know what SEO means, you can at least start to find an SEO company that will be suitable for your business. However, you can stay in touch with us to know more about SEO. There will be updates about SEO guides, so make sure you stay connected to our website for blog updates; we will keep you updated with SEO!