These Not-So-New Instagram Features Can Help You Get the Best Out of Your Social Media Campaign

These Not-So-New Instagram Features Can Help You Get the Best Out of Your Social Media Campaign

The use of social media has been undoubtedly influential for many things in life, especially for business. Now social media is not only for personal use, but also for business or even government as well. The benefits of using Instagram for business can be felt when a post is viewed by many people at once, which can in turn generate interaction between the admin and the people seeing that post. With so much interaction, it is possible to increase businesses’ brand awareness. Speaking of business, did you know Instagram has updated some features that are really helpful for business? If you are a business owner thinking of creating an Instagram account to promote your business, then this article is perfect for you! Keep reading to find out.

New features on Instagram Stories

We know that one of Instagram’s features called Instagram story has been in for long, but with more updates coming year after year, this feature has become more effective in reaching more people. Here are some examples of the new features on Instagram stories:

  • Hashtags on Instagram stories

Using hashtags on Instagram stories is also an effective way of marketing your business, as hashtags can reach so many people that you are possibly targeting. Also, now this feature also lets people follow specific hashtags that they are attracted to, making it easier for them to find things related to the hashtags they are following. Of course, this also makes it easier for you to find your target audience. The example below is the use of hashtags or hashtag stickers on Instagram story.

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Yves Saint Laurent, known as YSL, is a popular luxury fashion house from France. The luxury brand’s Instagram account has been followed by more than 4.5 million of people around the world. The hashtag for #YSL Instagram story combined with the post itself has been followed by more than 17.5 million of people. As seen from the photos below, you can see just how many different people are engaging in a post using the hashtag #YSL each day.


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  • Using location to attract users

Using locations to let people know where you are at is not just for a show off. People can see Instagram stories in the “explore” part based on regions. This will also make it easier for them to find you.


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  • Placing a link in Instagram stories

By placing your website link in your Instagram stories when there is a new product launch or a promotion, you can attract visitors to your website.

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  • Poll and rating meter feature

This new feature lets you interact with your followers more on recent happenings than the usual posts. Also, using poll or rating meter will let you know what they think about your products and how much they like the products, as well as allow them to choose what they prefer. This will make you get some insights on what you need and what you don’t need.


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  • Story highlights and IGTV

If some people are missing out on the news shared on your Instagram story, they don’t have to worry anymore because now Instagram’s update allows you to keep stories on your profile using highlights so your followers can come back to view it anytime. Also, the recent update has also featured the new IGTV. Basically IGTV works the same as YouTube. This feature is so great if you want to keep your followers updated with what you are up to, straight from your IGTV. Just like story highlights, IGTV is placed near the story highlights so people who miss it can comeback anytime to watch it. You can see the examples from top brands’ Instagram accounts below.

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Switching into Instagram business profile

This feature has been in for long, actually, but this is a very important feature that lets you analyse your traffic using Instagram Analytics. Also, with this, people can differentiate you from your personal account. Having a business profile can also keep you focused on your priority when it comes to running your business. Not only that, your followers can reach out to you more easily, since you provide complete contact info in your bio. They only have to click the “Call” or “Email” button without having to copy-paste it first. Therefore, make sure you provide complete contact information in your bio and make no mistake on typing your number or email.

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Those are the new features you should try that can make your business run smoothly. Using the features allow you to provide easy information that will increase your brand awareness and credibility. If you need more information or tips on social media, feel free to contact us and our team will be glad to help you.